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  1. The album is finished! Please enjoy!
  2. Well the entire thing took about 2 years I believe. I worked on and off with it while trying to balance life and work along with it. Yeah and there is fifty tracks on the album. It's almost 80 mins long. I really don't know whats wrong with me.
  3. Hello all. My name is Brian Davis and I have been covering/remixing classic video game songs for a few years. Recently I've made an entire album dedicated to the Sega Genesis. I plan on giving it away for free so I thought a good way to promote would be by posting here. It is currently awaiting one final step, i.e. the artwork for the cover. You can listen to a few songs (in fantastically poor youtube quality unfortunately) and follow my twitter for updates, videos, pictures and such if you'd like some more info. I'll be sure to let everyone know when it is completed! Phantasy Star 3 Town Theme: Gunstar Heroes Title Theme: