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  1. The lyrics to "Banson's Aria" are Italian music theory terms. Happy Holidays, ~ Gene R.
  2. This is by far not the first game I have worked on. I started writing music and doing audio for games since about 1998. Worked on everything from obscure and unreleased "Golgotha" to just about everything that came out of EA | Tiburon for the past four and a half years including but not limited to "Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventures" which is the latest game I have worked on. Incidentally, this is my last title as an in-house EA composer / audio designer as I have recently left Tiburon in pursuit of another venture. ~ Gene R. P.S. Thanks again for liking the soundtrack!
  3. Thank you for your kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the soundtrack! As for vocals, "Banson's Aria" was sung by a friend nd a talented musician Peter Lehman. Meanwhile, the "Pompous Adventurer's Club Theme" was performed by the "Pompous Adventurer's Club Platinum Level Senior Quasi-Amateur Barber Shop Sixtet" of which I am indeed a proud member! Once again, thank you for listening to the soundtrack! Happy holidays, ~ Gene R.
  4. Actually, the Izzard refference is, in itself a double entendre. It has a lot to do with where in the game the music is played. You'll see what I mean when the title is out! Thanks for the kind words! Glad you enjoyed the music, ~ Gene R.
  5. Hey guys! Just wanted you to know that as of yesterday the soundtrack to "Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure!" for NDS is available for free to download without any strings attached at http://www.henryhatsworth.com (check the Downloads section). There are 37 tracks in all. Also, what you might find interesting about the soundtrack is that what you will get will be a high-quality, arranged soundtrack which, incidentally, is how all of the music for "Henry Hatsworth" was created. I would really appreciate any feedback you might have in regards to the soundtrack and will be Happy to answe
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