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  1. I prefer KOTH, PL, PLR, Arena, for maps. Like to see custom maps in the list, as dangerous as that can be. As already said, let the arena fill out more than normal to comfort those who hate arena and are impatient to play.

    Server settings: pregame mayhem,slaughter, votecrits, voting, voting, voting for everything. Possibility of silly mods, like !rtd, melee only, partymod for those special occasions, or times when server regulars are bored and want to fill the server.

    Map times are preferred to be short. Give each team a chance at each side of the map, at least. Try not to keep a map on server for 30 minutes, except for multi-part maps that demand extra time. default respawn times.

    And as a favor, please allow custom sounds. For some reason servers that do not end up producing sounds that may crash the game.

    As far as admin/moderators go, I'd be interested in seeing who wants the position. If I am a regular again, I will express interest in the position. Admins who use their power to control troublesome players and trolls, or who make changes based on popular request are preferred over ones who decide "I want to play dustbowl, right now!" or who think it's okay to use slay, beacon, etc just because they are amused by their control over other players.

    I like that OCR gives preference to regulars for slot reservations. But I also think regulars should support the server. 2 bucks a month isn't a lot! Therefore, I think these players should be given some incentives to play. Like less limits to voting privileges, moderation, donation events (or the ability to set events), or even a mod like allowing them to choose a play-buddy and not get teamswapped.

  2. Tried to get on irc but apparently the server doesn't like me and blocks every attempt I make to connect to it. I'll save the information and try again later.

    When I used mIRC, it kept kicking me and telling me I had a trojan. I went back to trillian and had no problems.

    Apparently Enterthegame is a royal bastard about who and how connections can be made. I don't understand the details. But if you want to, try a few different things out.

  3. I brought up the reserved slot system waaaayy back when the server started. I agree that not hiding the 25th slot is stupid and should be changed.
    I talked to Bahamut about this briefly, and he said that he didn't think there was even a way to do that. I don't know if that has changed since the year started.
    Everyone in OCR is as bad as Trianine. Confirmed.
    I get the feeling there isn't a thing about this server that you do like. Except for steamrolling?
    Well to be perfectly honest, your alltalk is the most useless piece of shit I've ever seen...
    I didn't ask whether you liked it or not, the fact is that it is there, and newcomers can ask THE ENTIRE PLACE if there is a problem. I have my problems with ALLTALK as well, and a few micspammers, but it's nice to be able to chat with other players.
    YOU are the one that has turned this nasty all of a sudden.
    It is sad that you feel I am being nasty towards you for pointing out your ignorance and asking for you to show respect for the players here. You need to learn what criticism is, and how to deal with it.
    Whatever you guys need to tell yourself to make the rules fit you, it doesn't matter to me.
    Your snarky tone indicates otherwise. And you are still wrong.
    I just said I didnt see them posted anywhere. Big difference.
    No need to get testy here. I know the difference. You have made it very clear that you can recite the server rules by heart. You also admitted that you don't look where people look to find rules and had the nerve to say it isn't good enough. That's ignorant, and I called you on it. Wise up.

    At this point I am not inclined to believe a word you say when you make claims about your conduct here.

  4. If they are on the MOTD, its not good enough - I dont read that and I'm sure I'm not alone.

    I guess you are unfamiliar with the phrase "ignorance of the rule is not an excuse." So, essentially what you are saying is that it is our fault that you cannot be bothered to read the disclaimer before being able to play.

    Really now... the first place to find server content in game is not good enough? But I'm sure you will tell me a good place, eh? I'm Waiting.

    While that might seem fine at this point, when someone is new to a server and they see a bunch of people on one team with a common tag, what do you think they will think?
    You know, most servers don't prevent people from typing to the rest of the players, or chatting with their team on voice. This one even sports ALLTALK. All they have to do is ask, or gripe, the answer is not far away, and reasonable players will not even think twice about their feelings that fairness has been breached.

    I find it amusing that you backpedal to this ridiculous argument after discovering that it's not a clan at all. Because, apparantly it was not fine for you until this point.

    You may be a great player, but I think you should reconsider your argumentative skills. You claim to be a competitive player, but are not competent enough to take a quick glance at the rules before hitting the play button. Very professional. Why the hell should I care about someone who hasn't taken ten seconds in the months of play on this server to find out what the rules are. And you come here asking me to show you respect?

    You better be trollin.

  5. You guys need to understand that there are almost 80 active members of nQa. Scythe-Messiah and myself have been playing on your server the longest, and I like to think the two of us have a pretty good understanding of your rules, even if we find the enforcement of them to be uneven at best. When one or more of us joins the server, we're likely to be followed by other members that happen to be online that want to play with us. This is inevitably going to lead to people joining that have never been on the server before, never heard the rules before, etc.

    It's not hard to read the rules that pop up before a game starts. Most players are happy to let another player know if they have overstepped a rule. Most of the rules on this server are common sense.

    The amount of clan members you have is not relevant. If you are a serious clan with a reputation following you, it is the responsibility of each clan member to uphold that reputation, and the responsibility of those in charge to choose an appropriate action for those who tarnish it. If you cannot or choose not to take action, you must deal with the consequences.

    Furthermore, call it uneven if you want. I would call it forgiving, lenient, tolerant, or merciful. Otherwise, this discussion would have happened a lot earlier or yo might have been banned without it even being discussed.

    Yes some of us play on a competitive team, but that number is a small fraction of our overall membership.

    All I know is that when the nQa guys show up, the game steps up. If there are times when that is not the case, they are a minority.

    As far as switching to spec after a team scramble and then switching back to the old team, I have a news flash for you: every time I've witnessed a scramble I've seen 2-3 people pulling this move. Sometimes its an nQa member, but for every one of those, there is another non-nQa person doing it.

    Honestly, I don't believe you. One, because I watch the teams religiously. Two, because I know it does not happen every time. Three, because it is easy to forget the times when it does not happen.

    Brushfire has been happy to point out several times that even though there may be one team made up with 50% of the people wearing an OCR tag, OCR is just "a community of people that play together" so its not stacking. If you forget for a minute that that is a ridiculous statement, there are way more nQa members that fit this description then not.

    OCR isn't a clan. It's just a tag. If you are as familiar with this group as you claim, you would know that without having to ask.

    The point I'm trying to make is this: There is no need to lump us all together because we are part of a community. If you see one person repeatedly flaunting your rules, then by all means take action against that person. I think you'll find if you treat us with the same respect you are asking us to show that we will be happy to contribute to your community in a positive way.

    Okay, we should be taking actions against individuals, and I think the mods are doing that now. But I hope you can understand why nQa as a group is under the gun here. And I do not feel that it is unfair to treat you as a group, which you are. If you keep your own clan-mates in line, this would not be an issue in the first place. You don't shit on someones porch and then demand respect from them. Contribute positively and I think you will find we are more than happy to forgive you for being dicks.

    Again, the fact that you are here being reasonable (and showing it in game as well) does make a difference.

  6. Set it up with us. We are always down for a friendly every now and then.

    Actually I was thinking of something a bit less formal. I'm going to guess that you didn't notice that ZUZ also gets a lot of complaints because they are extremely good. Every so often we will see them all up on one team, predictably rolling down the competition. It would make this whole "teamstacking" issue a bit more fun if there were some contenders, eh?

    However, I will forewarn that there is a 100% chance the teams will be stacked in this match, with a 0% chance of them getting scrambled.
    Aren't you clever. :roll:

    Instead of arguing with the moderators about how they are persecuting you, (and accuse them of not doing their jobs) maybe you should take a look and understand that your clan is developing a bad reputation for itself here, and try to understand why. Getting in a semantic argument over the word teamstacking, is not going to prove your case. The word is irrelevant, even in the face of the server rules. When nQa guys buddy up on a team the result is often very lopsided, whether it be 2 or 10. That is the complaint against you.

    If you cannot understand that, you are just going to waste your time here. You guys are, for the most part, excellent players. And it is a shame that you are so good that you can ruin it for others when you want to relax on a team together. That is your burden and your responsibility though. When a community that has gathered together cannot have fun because of your presence, who do you think is going to be ousted?

    If I saw that you guys had respect for this community, and interacted with it more than just to play-to-kill, I might be singing a different tune. ZUZ receives the teamstacking complaints that you do, but are highly respected among OCR, why? For one, they actually talk to us, participate in forum conversation as well as in-game. Second, they do not blatantly shirk the rules. They do enjoy playing together from time to time, sure. When a teamscramble happens, you don't see them jumping to spectate so they can switch teams. They don't have to be reminded not to sticky camp spawn doors, no matter how silly that rule is. At one point I found myself reminding an nQa person not to do that once each day. And I had to wonder how often it happened and was not caught.

    Look, the rules are not hard. In my experience, they are only strictly enforced in cases of griefing or cheating. I can't speak for any of the mods here, because I am not one, but I feel that they are more than generous and often willing to give players some slack. The problems present with your clan are chronic, and have been since you guys started making regular appearances. Talk of a ban has come up because it has gone on long enough that your reputation for causing problems is now part of the mainstream here.

    There is no reason for excuses. Own up to it, stop doing it, and give people here a reason to remember you fondly, and you will find that you can get away with all sorts of shit. This advice, BTW, is a general rule of life. People who like you will tend to forgive you.

    If you do not like this and are unwilling to do something about it, chances are you are going to leave on your own or someone is going to make sure you don't come back.

    Edit: In the making of this post Axem came to give his apology and promise, even if it was barbed with a condescending tone. It's a start, and I appreciate it especially cause he did not come to argue about why his clan is in this position. If I ever get to play again, I'd thank you personally Axem.

  7. I recommend a blanket ban on the -|nQa|- members that we run across, particularly if they are members of the nQa League Team.

    I've been wanting to say something about these guys for a while now, but have held my tongue, because they are good players, and I don't like to keep good players away if it's avoidable. I even kept a sticky note on my desktop for a while, trying to keep track of them.

    But yea, it seems to me that they frequently have to be reminded the rules on the server, and have little respect for the players here. I would support bans on the gang.

    Although, I did anticipate an nQa vs ZUZ srs business match.

  8. Ok a lot of folks on the server have been asking about the fabled "



    Uh, if you made that, as is, I would totally buy one. However, I do think the yellow is a bit much. The Red and blue are obviously important, but they do make it tough to mix colors. Then again, it's a perfectly acceptable combination for a traditional flag.

    But it's bad-ass! 3x5? I'll have to grab a ten foot pole and wave it as a banner at MAGFest.

  9. You don't need to donate to get a reserved slot any more.

    That and I already added you when I added some others yesterday.

    Well, I know you don't have to donate for slots. But the server does not pay for itself. I know some of you guys are in good shape with money, but all the same, it almost seems like you discourage donations.

    I know I've asked a few times. I did get an answer, but the time was not good for me to be spending money, and I forgot. :P

  10. yeah and I'm saying that if you don't know the difference between

    bleck: what is wrong with you heal the heavy instead of using your saw


    rambo: what is wrong with you why are you playing sniper obviously what we need here is a soldier who will go left while a demoman covers right so we can win with no resistance at all because winning is the only way I ever enjoy anything ever

    then rofl I think you're arguing against yourself

    Right, Rambo already acknowledged your point. Your distinction here is moot, because in both cases the players are not acting in a way that is conducive to the team. Whether or not people play the wrong class the right way or play the right class the wrong way is indistinct. Both are equally bad.

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