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  1. Damn it! On BitTorrent, I've installed all 100% (500 or so MB) of the soundtrack, and now want to load it on to my iTunes. I've dragged the icon from my Desktop (It has the BitTorrent logo, and it's called 'OC_ReMix_Street_Fighter_etc etc') but it doesn't seem to add anything. Where can I drag it from?
  2. Ok....I think I understand some of that. So,m where can I download BitTorrent?
  3. I've trying to download the whole 65 SF track to my Hard Drive, so I can then put it on my iTunes. I've clicked it and gone to 'Save to target', but everytime I try to download to Desktop or Document, it takes 1 second, then displays the file as 34KB, then when I click it, it says it must find the program that made it via the web. I press OK, it serches, then says it can't find anything. A noobish question, but how do I download them? Thanks