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  1. nahh i had some other one..lol well ima order it now..lol
  2. yea thas how i had it.. but i just called yamaha or w/e n the guy told me to buy a Yamaha UX16 Interface because the keyboard doesnt work with other ones. it only works with that 1
  3. The only connections it has are: MIDI IN MIDI OUT SUSTAIN PHONES/OUTPUT DC IN 12V n i only adjusted three settings External Clock : I have it on OFF Local Control: Thats ON Initial Setup Send; That sends data to a computer...N I did that
  4. it actually blinks... when i dont touch the keys it still blinks.. is that normal?
  5. yea there on....n the keyboards volumes is all the way down
  6. iight.. My keyboard has sounds that come with ... i uploaded a vst...but when i got to play the keyboard i just hear the same sounds that it comes with...
  7. my bad. I meant like I have my keyboard hooked up. But idk how to get my keyboard to play the sounds I have in Fl Studio I wanna be able to press the key on my keyboard and hear like the sound of a vst.
  8. I just bought a yamaha psr-e213 keyboard..n i have a midi to usb connection to hook it up to my computer.. When i go to fl studio in options;midi; on the input part my keyboard appears n i clicked enable so its active.. and the red light that says midi input activity blinks so my keyboard works in fl studio.. But idk how to use the sounds I have in fl studio with my keyboard..like to make a beat...
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