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  1. Looking for any sort of remix of this track from a classic Gameboy game and probably one of the best ever made.

    If anyone has a link to a remix or anything or could like... make one (:D) that would be nice, thanks!

    There's a youtube link to the music in the game, you have to get to about 0:44 before the music starts.

  2. Bucky O Hare was one of my favorite platform games for the NES and had some really catchy tunes in it, looking for someone to make some remixes please!

    Here's a good video to give an idea of the style I'd like to hear but well it's not an MP3 and it ends somewhat abruptly. Very nice though!

    Mainly looking for a remix of the Salvage Chute stage, I have the .nsf file and I actually listen to it a lot regardless of the 8bitness of it all.

    Would really love it if someone could make a good "rock-ish" remix of that, Red planet and Blue planet.

    For anyone who wants a few quick links to the originals just youtube search "Let's Listen Bucky o Hare - Red Planet" (or replace "red planet" with "blue planet" or "salvage chute" ect.)

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