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  1. Yeah I'm going to agree Golden Sun series was almost as good as Chrono Trigger to me and it also has an outstanding soundtrack, very good quality for the GBA and most of the tracks are very worth remixing.
  2. Looking for any sort of remix of this track from a classic Gameboy game and probably one of the best ever made. If anyone has a link to a remix or anything or could like... make one () that would be nice, thanks! There's a youtube link to the music in the game, you have to get to about 0:44 before the music starts.
  3. So some remixes of this would be awesome, can't find any looking around... if there are any would someone please point them out? If not would someone please make them!? For specific tracks umm... Earth would be good, don't really remember names of others but there's some dandy ones in there.
  4. Awesome thanks! Now if I could find some Godzilla-NES remixes..
  5. Bucky O Hare was one of my favorite platform games for the NES and had some really catchy tunes in it, looking for someone to make some remixes please! Here's a good video to give an idea of the style I'd like to hear but well it's not an MP3 and it ends somewhat abruptly. Very nice though!Mainly looking for a remix of the Salvage Chute stage, I have the .nsf file and I actually listen to it a lot regardless of the 8bitness of it all. Would really love it if someone could make a good "rock-ish" remix of that, Red planet and Blue planet. For anyone who wants a few quick links to the originals just youtube search "Let's Listen Bucky o Hare - Red Planet" (or replace "red planet" with "blue planet" or "salvage chute" ect.)
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