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  1. Got it, thanks! Um, I guess you can lock this thread or whatever
  2. Hehe, yeah, sorry. I'm a noob with FL Studio, I have no idea what you're talking about XP. Don't let me keep you from lunch though .
  3. I've played around with FL Studio for about a month now, trying to find out how to make a buildup sound, going from a sort of bass, low sound to a higher sound, such as the one used in the beginning of this song: http://boxstr.com/files/4679378_imofg/Frog_v3.mp3 (I don't mean to advertise, I hope the creator doesn't mind sorry!)
  4. I've only got done the buildup part, later on, this becomes a fast-paced techno song. Anyways, I wanted to know if this needs something else, I feel it's missing something, even though it's supposed to be quiet in the beginning. Should I add some percussion? Something else? Leave it as is? http://spamtheweb.com/ul/upload/270109/72834_SoM.mp3 EDIT: This is a WIP, sorry if I confused you!
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