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  1. Someone should really recruit this girl to the ocremix community I wish all ocremixes were this beautiful.
  2. Spotify is finaly launching in the US. I hope someone in the OCRemix-staff can try once more to get OCRemixes out there...
  3. Hi. Spotify is a big thing in many european countries, but isn't available in the US yet. I asked the forum a couple of months ago if anyone could try and contact Spotify and get OCR available there, but nothing happened. But I have a different question this time. Which OC-artists are on Spotify now? (With other songs than OCR obviously.) I've found zircon and pixietricks. (playing jillian goldin right now.) But are there any other OC-artist out there?
  4. A blogger-friend of mine: (norwegian site) - gives out invitation-tokens to anyone. Just grab one from there.
  5. Hi! I really want to be able to listen to OcRemix on Spotify. Who makes that decission? Can we just ask them to add all OcRemixes to their library?