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  1. The Pokemon Tower theme was my favourite from B/R/Y, im surprised it hasn't been remixed, coz it's a tune no one really forgets, and it's scary, i mean it was a pokemon graveyard, and there were dead pokemon there...and yeah...sorry kiddies pokemon die too.....LOL, i'd love to see this remixed, i don't know what style but it's a theme where it doesn't matter, it's awesome, and so are you! (:!:WARNING, it's awesome and creepy.)
  2. 13th Struggle theme Which is the theme of my favourite character from Kingdom Hearts 2, Axel, who if you haven't played the games, is similar in appearance and character to Reno from FF7, so yeah, it's pretty unique as is his character, i'd like to see this remixed in any style, Thanks.
  3. i'm surprised no one's even attempted this yet, especially the shredders, metal heads and what not, Lu Bu's theme preferably from Dynasty Warriors 5 & 6, and if you want Warriors Orochi 2 would be good to see it in a metal style remix, Good luck n thanks.
  4. I've been listening to a lot of Prog. Metal bands. Just got into Animals as Leaders, and Periphery, and they're so good that i can't stand most of the music on the radio . If you havent listened to either of those bands, do it, you're really missing out!!!! Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations - Cornered theme if you can, listen to those bands i mentioned before, i like their style and i think it'd be good if this theme was remixed in that style, Thanks.
  5. Game: Kingdom Hearts 2 Theme: Sinister Shadows do it, you know you want to ..........
  6. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney "Reminiscence ~ DL-6 Case" theme. For those who haven't played the game, you're a defense attorney, Phoenix Wright, who is preparing to defend a rival prosecuting attorney and childhood friend, Miles Edgeworth who'd been through quite a lot as a kid. Miles' father was a better than average defense attorney and inspired Miles to become a defense attorney, however during one case Miles and his father were stuck in an elevator with a court bailiff. There was a stuggle and eventually Miles' father was shot and killed and he'd blamed himself for his father's death for the next twenty something years, however(spoiler) you learn it was his mentor, who found the group unconscious in the elevator, and who is a high ranked prosecutor who hadn't lost a case in 40 years regardless of whether the defendant was guilty or innocent, until he met Phoenix Wright who broke the streak and saved his best friend's life and changed his whole character into a character who seeks the truth rather than a perfect record. Here's the youtube link: Miles is one of those characters who are cold and have walls put up, not so much to keep people out, but more to see who's willing to break them down, and Phoenix Wright does that and changes his thinking in regards to his profession, rather than seeking a win, seeking the truth, justice etc etc. Phoenix Wright was defended by Miles in their childhood years, and he inspired Phoenix to become a defense attorney, so they have a pretty strong bond. so to those who read all of this and potentially plan on remixing, i wish the best of luck, congratulate you and apologise as well for the length of my request, Thankyou.
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