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  1. Hello there! And thanks for showing some interest. I'll be as straightforward as I can with you. Were not close to being done with the final product. However, for the story side of things, I can say we have what I believe is an excellent concept, and a fully functional mapped out plot. Dialogue is being written and is going along swimmingly. Art is in the concepting phase and is going along swimmingly as well. The characters are being designed, and the general design direction has been long since chosen. Very soon full color illustrations and sprites will begin to be created. I understand your concern. Believe me, I do. I have had friends in the past talk about doing projects with me such as webcomics, games, you name it! And most of the time I ended up doing literally everything. Even when I was enrolled in Artschool, when I was put on a team with people to complete a project, I ended up doing the work of an entire team myself. And the project generally tanked because of it. This project is our ambition. It purely a labor of love, and it's something that my fiance and I want to do to get our artistic careers off of the ground. This is our legacy, it's our beginning, and it's something that we are taking passionately, seriously, and professionally. So far, it's just us two working on this project together. So believe me, this will take some time to complete. But it WILL be completed, and progress is coming along well. We also have fans of Faerie's Dice that are depending on us to complete this project. We constantly keep them updated on our progress, and we can't let them down. If that isn't enough to quell your fear of throwing your work into a black hole, then possibly the fact that we do NOT expect any musician/artist to put time into this project without being paid for their work in advance, will. Remember, we are artist too. We understand the value of an artist time and efforts. We would never have come here to begin with without knowing for SURE that we are gonna finish this thing. To put things simply, Were not screwin around; This is for real. Below is a link to a section of our website containing some information about Dreamhack. At the bottom is some of the character concepts that we have completed. http://faeriesdice.com/faeries-dice-games-dream-hack/ Hope that helps clear up any lingering doubt! And thanks so much for showing interest! ~Bryan of Faerie's Dice
  2. Hello everyone! Thanks so much for your interest! ^^ I got a few personal messages sent to me. I just wanted to let you guys know that I will be listening to some of your stuff and getting back with you this evening. Until then, happy earthday!
  3. Hello there. I'm working on a small visual novel project with my Fiance. The project is for our small art business that we run together called Faerie's Dice www.Faeriesdice.com Faeriesdice.deviantart.com Were looking to find an amateur musician who can help create some of the music for our game. We would be willing to commission a musician and pay them per song. Were a small group, so we aren't exactly loaded with cash. But whoever works with us on our game, we want to make sure that they are compensated properly and not working totally for nothing. Were artist too, and we understand how valuable an artist hard work and passion is. If interested, send us a message and we can work out the details/price. Also note, we will be traveling locally to conventions as well as doing advertising for the visual novel game online. We do intend to sell this game. And we will make sure to promote whatever musician chooses to help us, just as much as promote the game itself. The game is a Sci-Fi, suspense, Psychological thriller. The setting is an advanced society that has been taken down and destroyed by an elite hacking organization. It's a world where people became so dependent on networking technology, that people's hearts and eyes, and other bodily organs became hacked, causing people to die out in mass numbers. The story takes place in the ruins of a city, where the last handful of the remaining people on earth are all trapped together and forced to play a violent game to find out who the hidden hackers were that destroyed humanity. The game they are all forced to play together resembles the popular party game "Mafia", it's essentially a game conducted by a narrator where players must all decide whom among them is "guilty" by voting and sentencing each other to death. Their narrator/captor is a crazed vigilante, claiming to want nothing more than to find and bring those responsible for the fall of humanity to their end. Naturally, to keep the hackers in check, and keep them from hacking and killing the remaining population at once, a group of six have been armed with special "Anti-Hacking" abilities, made to stop and reverse the damage the hackers do. The plot revolves around these six people, as they work together to not only survive the horrific game, but to also find out the greater truth their connections to one another, and behind the vigilante's game.
  4. Thank you very much for your responses. I will try and gain a better hold over intervals using the methods described in your replies. The only thing I didn't quite understand was the concept of Rhythm, how to identify it in a melody I have in my head, and how to transcribe it. I suppose Rhythm was something I always understood intuitively, but failed at conceptually.
  5. Music is a subject that I have a strong desire and passion to express myself in, but that has never come natural for me. In FL studio specifically, starting out as a complete noob is one of the most daunting things I have experienced. FL studio looks like the control panel of an Alien spacecraft... With the use of Tutorials, and Youtube vids, I have managed to get a very basic understanding of the controls and functions of FL studio. Which... is much better than I started with... I can make a pretty good baseline and get a pretty decent beat going. However... The melody is where problems come in. I try and use the Piano Roll to create Melodies. I have so many ideas and melodies in my head that I want to bring to life, but every time I try to reproduce those melodies on the Piano Roll, I simply end up not being able to make anything I want. Not only that, but I can't EVER seem to find what I am looking for as far as sound Fonts go in the Browser panel. I understand that learning to mix music and create your own sounds does not happen overnight, and that the things I am asking take time and effort to learn. But the real problem is finding out where to start, and what path I need to be on to be able to get to where I want to go. What do I need to practice or read up on? Does anyone have any idea how I can overcome these said issues?
  6. Mmmkay for now I suppose I will just skip that part and fool around with other things. And yeah I tried that thing. ; I could not find anything I needed in it.
  7. Yeah that is very true! But I gotta learn it sometime bro... =o Is it a complicated process or am I just over complicating it?
  8. I have been working on my song for a while now and have run into a few speed bumps that I should address before moving on. So far I am happy that I am finally starting to get the hang of this Remixing stuff, but that isn't to say there are not at least a few problems. 1. I don't really know how to make my song longer without destroying the entire thing. What I did was Import a Midi file of the song I want to remix just so I could get the notes of the song (Since I am not ear trained). What it did was put the song over enough measures so that it reaches about 1 minute. As I am trying to build my own song using some of these notes obviously I want my tracks that I make to be longer than 1 minute, but each track seems to default to a minute. How can I remedy this? 2. My song requires me to change the speed of the notes being played mid song. I have been reading the threads here, but they all seem to assume I know more than I do. I tried right clicking tempo and doing an automation clip, but I had no idea how to work it. It used a piano roll just like everything else does... I have no clue how pitch has anything to do with the speed of the song, but whatever. I just need to know how to do that. 3. I want to be able to use sounds such as fire burning, wind blowing, and water running in my song. (subtle noises) What is the best way of importing/getting these sounds into the program? Thank you very much for your patients. I just picked this program up and started using it yesterday so sorry if I am a bit clueless.
  9. Oh okay, good idea. I am new to this place and am trying to get my bearings. But yeah, the WIPs look a bit more friendly for my current level of skill. I will post my stuff there when I am finished.
  10. I am a bit nervous... I am just getting into mixing and remixing music, and am currently working on my first piece. However you guys look pretty rough, and I am afraid I am gonna get chewed pretty badly. Umm I wanted to check out someone's rejected song to get an idea of what I need to fix and tune up on my own remix. Also, kinda get an idea of what I should avoid as well. Also... I want to get an idea of how strict you guys are by listening to some of the failed songs. Any idea how I can listen to these?
  11. Okay this was very helpful. Thank you very much. I will check out some of these resources you gave me and see what I can gather from them. And... I am not pirating FL studio. Right now I just have the trial. I have a cousin who is in the music industry who will likely give me one of his extra licenses to the software. If not... Then... I am boned... I am a broke college student. =( I already killed myself to get my guitar equips and my guitar. Yeah.. Sorry if I seem a bit annoyingly helpless. I do many different types of arts, and have learned many different programs, and the way I usually learn them is by looking up a tutorial on how to do something I want to do within the program. In completing the tutorial I learn how to complete that task as well as learn a bunch of features of the program. This was pretty much how I learned Photoshop. I looked up on deviant art Tutorials on how to CG my drawings. Worked like a charm. For some reason things don't seem to work the same way in the music scene though... =/ I guess because there are so many different types of programs people use. Anyways... Let's see what I can get done with these resources you gave me. If I have a more specific question then I will post back here. Also! If you or anyone else has any other good advice for a beginner, then please let me know! Thank you very much for your help.
  12. Hello. I have wanted to get into remixing, and mixing my own music for quite some time now. However have had the ugliest of times to find a good latch-on point to start. I am a guitarist (not horrible, but not insanely good), I know a decent amount of music theory, and I in general have developed an average sense of music. My problem is that I just am having the most horrid of times getting started. I have read though the tutorials here on how to remix music, but every single one assumes that I know what I am doing. Not a single tutorial I read could really cater to the aspiring mixer who has no idea where the hell to start. So where do I start? I have a guitar, some songs I wanna remix, Fruity Loops, and Acid. I have NO clue how to use fruity loops, and somewhat of a clue as to how to use acid. Either way, I know Fruity loops can create music as I have seen it done, but have not a clue as to how to select each individual instrument. OKay but let's not get ahead of ourselves. I am as noobish of a noob as it gets. Where do I start? What do I do? Thank you very much.
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