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  1. Wow, I guess the thing is to just know where to look (or ask). I just downloaded myself the Linux MultiMedia Studio and considering the first five minutes of using it, I love it! What I like the most is the almost unexistant delay between hitting key on my keyboard and playing the sound on notebook, which was more noticable in Reaper (and ModPlug by the way). Now I am downloading some other stuff from what you suggested, and I guess I will need to make some space on my HD. Anyway, thanks for the links - that pretty much saves me at least $50 for sole FL's worst edition.
  2. I guess it's time to face the facts unfortunately. I poked around for a few hours with different settings and stuff, and generally, setting Microphone detection to low and keyboard volume to max was good to remove all background noise and humming, but too easily lead to clipping; on the other hand, high mic detection and lower volume was a bit more clip tolerant, however it produced a little background humming. And both of the methods suffered from clipping when doing some more intensive track parts (like the second half of Turkey March). And the quality is a little bit off too, compared to wh
  3. Yes, that Digitizing is basically what I want to achieve, (along with actually being able to record my playing easily), at least for now. I've got myself an USB cable to get the midi input/output and I have to say that it works like a charm, luckily. The problem starts when recording the audio. I got myself a Jack-to-MiniJack "converter" and a MiniJack-MiniJack cable and I can, of course, record it without any problems. I even found a more or less decent Keyboard's volume setting to avoid clipping even if I mash 8 buttons at once. The problem is that the volume is terrifingly low. I recorded
  4. Hmm. If you put it like that, then I guess it shouldn't hurt to try. Luckily the cables Are cheap so even if I end up regretting it, I will at least know I haven't wasted much money . Thanks very much for your assistance.
  5. The problem is I don't own such cable to do the recording, nor I have measures to borrow one. I am wondering how stupid of an idea is to buy one, and wanted to ask somewhere I believe I can get a professional answer, that's reason for my popping here. I could, of course, record it using microphone but... No, I think no one would like to hear this quality ^^;. @Harmony: Thanks, that certainly is helpful. I guess I don't want to need to fiddle too much with any more serious noise reduction, from what I experienced they make the sound a little bit... Flat I guess. As for that workaround, the pro
  6. Hi there! I am new to this place, so please bear with me. A couple of days ago I had bought a Yamaha YPG-635 (aka DGX-630), and an idea to try my luck with remixing was born in my mind seeing its capabilities. So basically my question regards recording audio from it as-is. I can easily record music on this Keyboard as midi, save it as midi on pendrive, tweak, fix and quirk the midi in a midi editor on my comp, save the midi on pendrive and play it on Keyboard to get a great quality midi. I could, of course, invest a couple of hundreds of dollars in some software, like Fruity Loops, but what
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