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  1. Wow, I guess the thing is to just know where to look (or ask). I just downloaded myself the Linux MultiMedia Studio and considering the first five minutes of using it, I love it! What I like the most is the almost unexistant delay between hitting key on my keyboard and playing the sound on notebook, which was more noticable in Reaper (and ModPlug by the way).

    Now I am downloading some other stuff from what you suggested, and I guess I will need to make some space on my HD.

    Anyway, thanks for the links - that pretty much saves me at least $50 for sole FL's worst edition.

  2. I agree, but I didn't have the heart to recommend using that beautiful brand spanking new bell-and-whistles Yamaha as a midi controller :(

    I guess it's time to face the facts unfortunately. I poked around for a few hours with different settings and stuff, and generally, setting Microphone detection to low and keyboard volume to max was good to remove all background noise and humming, but too easily lead to clipping; on the other hand, high mic detection and lower volume was a bit more clip tolerant, however it produced a little background humming. And both of the methods suffered from clipping when doing some more intensive track parts (like the second half of Turkey March). And the quality is a little bit off too, compared to what I hear from built-in speakers.

    Good that I also bought that USB cable, though I had high hopes in that method. Not that I am averse towards software means, I had good time with Fruity Loops with my former, lousy keyboard (Casio CTK-481) which didn't even have touch response of any kind, but the problem is that software ways usually mean saying bye-bye to big amounts of cash.

    Take that SampleTank for example - it looks great (I am going to download the demo at night) but the price is... It is...Well, it is expensive. Fruity Loops is expensive too. Reaper is cheap, but it is so complex that it took me over a quarter to record some midi and play it as plugin (and around half of an hour to figure out how to actually play midi AS midi). I guess I will get myself a copy of FL in a couple of days, as I liked it best from all the DAW's I tried.

    I guess that pretty much concludes this topic. Thanks very much for all your help and assistance, I greatly appreciate it :).

  3. Yes, that Digitizing is basically what I want to achieve, (along with actually being able to record my playing easily), at least for now.

    I've got myself an USB cable to get the midi input/output and I have to say that it works like a charm, luckily.

    The problem starts when recording the audio. I got myself a Jack-to-MiniJack "converter" and a MiniJack-MiniJack cable and I can, of course, record it without any problems. I even found a more or less decent Keyboard's volume setting to avoid clipping even if I mash 8 buttons at once. The problem is that the volume is terrifingly low. I recorded something:


    At start I tried the "clipping-resistance", followed by a part of a tune. I haven't filtered it in any way.


    This one has increased volume (~180%), then simple Hum Removal and another volume increasement (~150%), all three done using Gold Wave.

    Anyway, all in all it sounds pretty decent but certainly not perfect. At times I get the feeling that some tones are a little bit off (like, 1/4 of the tone too high or low) but that might just be my imagination.

    As for my mic settings: the volume is set to 100%, the boost is +0dB, I set the default format to best (ie. 2 channel, 16bit, 96k Hz, which windows calls Studio Quality), but I am not really sure if it changed anything.

    Anyway, what do you think about the quality? Any hints of how to process it, or what to change to make it sound better?

  4. your laptop soundcard is probably not that great. it might be acceptable depending on what you wanna do with it. why don't you record something (like play a midi file through your Yamaha) and post it here?

    The problem is I don't own such cable to do the recording, nor I have measures to borrow one. I am wondering how stupid of an idea is to buy one, and wanted to ask somewhere I believe I can get a professional answer, that's reason for my popping here. I could, of course, record it using microphone but... No, I think no one would like to hear this quality ^^;.

    @Harmony: Thanks, that certainly is helpful. I guess I don't want to need to fiddle too much with any more serious noise reduction, from what I experienced they make the sound a little bit... Flat I guess. As for that workaround, the problem is I could use that to record but first I need the way to record (I guess I missed the point a little in the main post). Getting some quality sequencer is a secondary matter for the time being. I actually thought about getting a FL Studio at some point, primarily for its Wasp and Sytrus plugins (which, I just noticed, are demos...), but I will have to try Reaper at some point, as it looks more reasonable.

    Anyway, I am not willing to risk wasting money on a cable just to find it useless. So the next stop is audio to usb hardware (since updating my sound card is quite out of question). What do you think about this: http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/griffin-imic-usb-audio-interface-for-mac-and-pc-p-182.html?osCsid=086059bd3d63a0dc16ce554e292a291e iMic thing? The good thing with that is I am actually able to buy it in Poland, while, the other interesting thing: http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/maudio-session-make-music-now-software-for-pc-p-391.html?osCsid=086059bd3d63a0dc16ce554e292a291e M-Audio Session doesn't seem to be anywhere on Polish internet shops. Does anyone have some experience with that iMic? Would that be waste of money or not? The review on the site sounds very promising.

    And, maybe a little stupid question, but will that work on 64-bit o/s? (Win 7 actually.) I think that's a problem primarily of older stuff to be incompatible, but better safe than sorry as they say.

  5. Hi there! I am new to this place, so please bear with me.

    A couple of days ago I had bought a Yamaha YPG-635 (aka DGX-630), and an idea to try my luck with remixing was born in my mind seeing its capabilities.

    So basically my question regards recording audio from it as-is. I can easily record music on this Keyboard as midi, save it as midi on pendrive, tweak, fix and quirk the midi in a midi editor on my comp, save the midi on pendrive and play it on Keyboard to get a great quality midi. I could, of course, invest a couple of hundreds of dollars in some software, like Fruity Loops, but what is $100 for average US/UK person, is like $300 for average Pole ^^; Thus, using the midi connection with my notebook is a nice option, but the sound would be completely different nevertheless.

    My current way of recording tracks is using my notebook's built-in microphone, but without even listening to it everyone can tell, that it is a quality you can present to a friend to show how well you can play already, but not to publish it (unless I were making an article of how not to record).

    That's why I wanted to ask a question regarding recording. Were I to connect my Yamaha through headphones-out to microphone-in in my notebook , would the quality be good enough to ever think of publishing pieces created that way? Or should I invest into something tad/much better? I stumbled upon http://www.musiconmypc.co.uk/art_record_keyboard_sound_on_pc.php, but that doesn't explain all the questions, especially that it states "You may find the recording quality of your sound card is not great" (Regarding using simple jack to mini-jack cable), that is the primary reason for me asking here. I never had a chance, and don't have now, to see how the recording sounds via this method overall.

    But still, this creates another problem - I can record but I can't hear what I am playing. The obvious workaround is just to record what I am playing as a midi and then use the playback function, but that's still a workaround. Years of programming taught me to feel aversion towards them... ^^; The other solution I can see is using some kind of "divider" (Sorry, I don't know the proper name) which would give me ability to connect one cable to Notebook and other to speakers.

    As for my soundcard. All I managed to found about is this line "Built-in Azalia compliant audio chip, with 3D effect & full duplex" from ASUS official product page http://www.asus.com/product.aspx?P_ID=nZu3sjTS3lcKwTZY. The sound output via speakers is of mediocre quality, but when using good headphones it is pretty awesome, if that can be of any help to anyone.

    Well, then, considering the above information, the question can be divided into two:

    1. Should I try my luck with simple jack to mini-jack cable, or better invest a little more cash and be safe rather than sorry? If so, what can you suggest as being the best?

    2. What is the best way to fix the potential problem of not hearing what I am playing? Getting a pair of speakers and that funky "Divider", try some kind of software solution (I don't know of any, I doubt I would be able to do it through operating system too) or maybe something else?

    Ok, that's it. I hope I didn't post it in wrong category, and anything like that.

    Thanks for your time.

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