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  1. word congrats on graduation man, no doubt the whole experience is bittersweet for you. freshman year is the most definitive year in college, and the most fun, and as long as you manage your time well you should have no problem balancing friends, school, and your hobbies. hell, freshman year's when i first picked up a daw when my friend introduced me to reason and my composing really took off. in college, time management isn't how to divvy the small amount of time you have in between schoolwork and classes, it's how to use the insane amount of freetime freshman year affords you. just be sm
  2. sup everyone, this is just a small composition i made several days ago while i was in an introspective mood. i hope you all enjoy it. as always, all crits are appreciated, especially those production-related thanks and happy listening~
  3. thanks for all the feedback and compliments! i suck at posting in the appropriate board (i just saw the non-wip board), sorry reason's piano refills are really high quality, at least from what my noob producer's ear can tell. the production values are really low in this song, but then again that's nothing new for me lol. i'm glad you picked up on the somberness; i was going for nostalgia and nostalgia is always somewhat melancholy for me. thanks for the compliment on the drums; my drum lines are usually really mundane, and while these were far from good they were at least half-decent..
  4. sup everyone this is the first of four songs for my concept album titled "breath of the seasons." i was really inspired to write this from reliving childhood nostalgia and the sensation of riding a bike on a breezy spring day. the particular setting i envisioned was a rural/suburban japanese town as depicted in various anime like five centimeters per second. anyway, it would be great to hear your thoughts and get any sort of feedback/critique. thanks for your time and happy listening! v2: v1:
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