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  1. I'm a far cry from an expert in chillout/electronic/dance music, but I like what I heard overall. The strongest point, for me, was towards the end where you introduced a couple of new harmonies with the melody. It could do with more of this. Other than that, there's not a whole lot of "new" melody or harmony in it.
  2. Official one week bump, still eagerly anticipating feedback =)
  3. https://soundcloud.com/pyro1588/redskies130804 Now that I've submitted my previous work that's been around for nearly 5 years, it's time to start polishing one that's almost as old. This is a mashup of Ace Combat 5's , a tender, heart-wrenching piece that slowly and beautifully builds into a determined march, and two pieces from Bethesda's landmark The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind: The main theme and .As with Deadly Duo, I would appreciate any and all feedback. I learned a lot doing that last piece, and some of those lessons were learned early enough to incorporate into this work. It's n
  4. Okay, I'm calling it finished. No, the drums aren't perfect, but try as I might, I couldn't get them to be. I've submitted it and, unless I get a conditional acceptance, I'm not planning on tinkering with it anymore. It's nearly 5 years old and it's time to close the chapter. I've got a couple of other remixes I'm playing with that incorporated the lessons I learned while making this one, so it's time to focus on those instead. For those who want to see the youtube video (which is worth checking out for the AWESOME art a cool guy let me use), it's here: Thanks again for all of the help, e
  5. Excellent! Thanks very much for the detailed review; it's helpful for me to know not only what sounds wrong, but why it sounds wrong, and the information you folks have offered is great =) I think that a big part of the problem with the piano is that it's just buried too deeply beneath other sounds. When I started this remix, I didn't have much of a grasp on how many voices the ear can pay attention to. I still don't know enough about that, but I think that I just have too many instruments going at once. I'll try to adjust levels and maybe even scalpel out a track or two when the piano comes
  6. Alright, I've made some final tweaks to the mixing and I'm ready for mod review! I was going to upload this to youtube, but then I did a little research on their automatic license to do whatever the hell they want with it. Does anyone have any recommendations for other places to post remixes where I won't be giving it out to google to do what they want with it? Thanks =)
  7. I greatly enjoyed it! Especially the part where it breaks out into the ever-rocking Zero battle theme =D Edit: Very nice job splicing in gameplay footage as well =)
  8. http://junk.seikdel.net/DeadlyDuoFinal.mp3 Okay, it's time to submit this. I've been kicking it around on my hard drive for 3 years since finishing it, and I need to man up and take the feedback. Setting the stage: You're a young man whose village suffered a catastrophe 3 years ago. On that fateful night, you and your friend were attacked by a pair of vagabonds. They've just now returned, kidnapping your friends in their quest to unleash a forbidden and long-sealed-away power on the world. You have finally cornered them on top of a tall lighthouse, and you have gained the upper hand i
  9. Alright, since no one has any feedback... http://junk.seikdel.net/deadlyduo100630.mp3 I think this is close to the final version. I have to admit that I'm tired of this project and sick of trying to make this song end right. I don't know how to do it perfectly, so I tacked on what's there right now. It'll take a little refining, but I hope to submit this soon. Any feedback? Please?
  10. While there's not a whole lot of interpretation or switching up of the themes, this does count as an AWESOME cover!
  11. Time to resurrect this thread. I recently picked this project up again and dumped several hours into it. This is the result: http://junk.seikdel.net/deadlyduo100611.mp3 It is by no means complete. The challenge now is figuring out how I want to end it. From 3:09-3:15 needs to be reworked. I pretty much reused the transition from earlier, which was okay when jumping back to the main theme but doesn't work so well as a segue into Saturos & Menardi's battle theme. Anywho, I like how it's turning out. Much thanks to all who have commented up until now. I think I've made significant improve
  12. I'm not trying to do daily updates, so apologies if people are getting sick of this piece. I've finally worked in the next (and theoretically last) piece. It's the boss theme from CT that plays while battling Masa and Mune. It fits rhythmically and it also matches the theme (two opponents.) I need to balance out the timpani. Some notes just seem to hit much louder than others, so I'll have to go through and find the notes that are too loud. The piano is going to take a more prominent role in the last time through, and I've already got one pattern featuring it on melody. I'm hoping to use it
  13. At the urging of a friend and fellow musician, I finally got ahold of a decent orchestral VST. And yes, you all were right. It makes a BIG difference. Here's what I was able to rework with the new instruments: http://junk.seikdel.net/deadlyduo090619.mp3 Again, I still have a ton of work to do on these sections, especially when it comes to balancing the instruments. Thanks all for the help so far =)
  14. Not to revive a semi-dead thread, but I've been working on this a little more. Current issues: The samples and VSTs. The violin and trumpet aren't perfect, but I have yet to find another solo violin VST or soundfont that sounds half as good as what I have right now. The only one that I might try to replace it with is the Garritan Stradivari, but that one is about fifteen times more labor-intensive than the VST I have right now. Creativity. Again, this is my first real remixing attempt and I'm fairly new to this. I think I've done a decent job of coming up with some countermelodies and also
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