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  1. No, everything is hooked up right, it just doesn't work. It's probably my computer, actually. But no worries, my brother has a Mac, so I'll just use that instead.
  2. Okay, another problem: I got the stuff in the mail. I read the manual, and installed the Fast Track and the GT Player Express software according to the instructions. However, when I tried to actually record my guitar, it didn't work. I'm really at a loss of how to work this thing; the documentation sucks.
  3. It's the plague of online forums. Anyways, I'm looking forward to finally getting started. I appreciate all the advice!
  4. Is the phantom power, or lack thereof, a mainly vocal issue? If so, that's not a problem; clean vocals are all that I'm worried about for the time being. Thanks for the help, guys.
  5. Thanks for the tips, guys. I went ahead and bought these two items, due to time and money constraints: M-Audio Fast Track with GT-Player Express M-Audio SoundCheck Dynamic Microphone According to my limited knowledge on this type of hardware, the two are perfectly compatible, and the GT-Player is apparently really good, but what's the significance of the phantom power that this product seems to lack?
  6. Before I spend a lot of money on recording equipment, I'd like to get some advice from more experienced folk. I'm looking for equipment to record my electric guitar with, and and equipment with which to record vocals. As for the guitar, I've been looking at the M-Audio Fast Track w/ Session (Link). It looks good to me, but could someone give me some feedback? As for the vocals, are there any (cheap-ish) high-quality mic's that would be usable with the above-mentioned equipment? Thanks a ton!
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