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  1. Good point. Same for you Esker. Oh well.
  2. Thanks for all the information everyone. Very useful. I guess my last question before I simply consider this topic a done deal is this this: Is there any way to recover songs that had been removed, or will memory simply have to do?
  3. It has obviously been a very looooong time since I have visited the site. Looks completely different, but in a good way. There are also songs and remixers that have had the name changed, or seem to have disappeared all together. Or It could be user error, not sure (). Examples: Star Salzman had some good mixes that I liked, and I listened the snot out of DK in Concert 1. I had a buch of remixes (literally, hundreds of different titles downloaded) and put on my old iPod. However, the Grim Reaper of all things technology decided to pay a visit to my PC as well as my iPod. Long story short, blue screen of death and a crunched MP3 player . Now I've decided to restart my library of remixes, and can't find some of the stuff that was on here. Now I know this was years ago when I got em, hell, dubya was still half way into his first term when I found OC Remix. But some reason why some things seem to have been dropped would be nice. If there is a link to explain it and save posting space, that would be nice too.
  4. You know. I should probably of thanked you before my second anniversary in helping me find one of my old favorite John Denver songs. So thanks. Our wedding was a blast and that song helped set the mood. Sorry it took so long to say that.

  5. I have been trying to find a CD that has the John Denver song "You fill up my senses", but as of yet have had little to no luck. My fiance and I really want to use this song, if any of you know cd album or cd collection of his that has this song on it, we would appreciate it. Oh, and hello this is unartistic and my first post. Greetings!
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