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  1. Well now I feel bad as I didn't mean it that seriously; I didn't think you guys were slighting the bonus songs. Definitely a good way to spend 4 hours. Or 144 hours in my case. And climbing.
  2. Hi Guys(and Gals), I've been getting music from OCRemix since... well since the site was all about the comic, but I felt like I should register and say great job. According to my work computer & home computer I've listened about 35 times to the album in its entirety (select songs over 60). I'm a tax accountant and since the album was released I haven't actually listened to anything else at work (all 12 hours of it... work that is). I could start humming the next song just from how the one I'm listening to ends by now. My biggest complaint was No Better Time Than Now is only a bonus track since it is my favorite song! I do wish all of that other bonus music on the site was in the torrent though, I didn't even see it until this thread (just assumed it was all the the torrent D: ) It is so hard to pick out what songs are my favorite; Gentry, Beyond Absentminded, Chronometrical (which has a CT feel to me but honestly that might just be the clock and that I've been doing CT DS on the rides home), Desert Nights, Koan of Drums, well I could probably just say all of them. Really the only thing I didn't like was the website in the album metadata instead of in the comment area, and thats just because of my portable music player. And thanks for giving us FLAC too!
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