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  1. if I find an eyelander and a targe before then I'll be sure to join in.
  2. as much as it may fix team stacking to a degree I'm going to vote no. Not that my opinion matters that much either way I just felt like chiming in.
  3. I second that though if we're playing badlands I'd do anything to get off of it.
  4. Though I doubt they'd do it it would be interesting if the Black box Rockets had a distinct curvature to their trajectory you know... they'd still be reflectable but much harder to aim back it would also limit their range somewhat. Edit: if you're unsure I mean I guess the closest example I can think of is the Leviathan Rocket launcher from borderlands if you can remember specifics like that.
  5. on Payload maps... I would like an engineer cap but otherwise I'm fine with the ridiculous number of sentries. It just means I can go Soldier more effectively than normal lol
  6. Eh it's more the great big light on top that bothers me.
  7. Now that hurts me deeply because now I have to choose between punching people with a Metal fist of justice with third hit crits or actually being credit to team with my Wrench. Edit: Also do you think Valve is missing the point a bit with Battle Engineering? I mean the idea is you're supposed to hide the little sentries for some sneaky kills then they give us a sentry which is supposedly designed for it but it does half damage and has a great big light ductaped on top which is probably gonna be a bit of a give away.
  8. What amuses me is that it replaces the Pistol and it's essentially a melee weapon so the engineer equipped with that gets 2 melee weapons and the ability to drop even weaker level 1 sentries... but higher Engineer health.
  9. So Source TV automatically saves replays right? I'm kinda curious as to where they are so I can show someone something from last night.
  10. I'm happy with my reskin of the normal Pistol for my engineer. Level 1 sentry pistol for the win.
  11. okay for me the Ping is 138 to 141 which is nice but it has some epic stutter when I went on not sure if that's because it's not done yet but it's weird.
  12. I will begin donating when everything is set until then I shall stare at things in a disconcerting manner. You shall all be ogled. ogled like a fury. Edit: NO I'M NO LONGER DAN HIBIKI T_T dammit Goomba.
  13. ah I'll just pop in here and drop my ping while playing it was a bearable 150 which is about the ping I had when I first started playing on OCR Pav's servers er regardless of their massive lag spikes had a 20 better ping than these but I think I'd rather have a stable server than 20 additional ping so if we go with this type of server I would gladly pay for my reserve slot.
  14. mmkay played for a bit and I thought I'd just put what I observed from my end which are abnormal and not stuff I encountered on the normal OCR servers regardless of their lag spikes 1: being double shot by a scout when he hadn't yet shown up on my screen then just as I'm dying seeing him pop out and do the actual 2 shots 2: people consistantly running through my fire without actually being set on fire a few things I noticed which weren't so bad but kinda odd to me were people suddenly teleporting into my nades for no apparent reason... I'd see the grenade was going to miss then suddenly they'd twitch in front of it and die in a glorious spray of kaboom and guts. And getting hit by a crit rocket at one point and seeing it go straight through me essentially there was no way it was going to miss then it did. Wait what? I wasn't complaining I was just stating I could attend all of them except one.
  15. I'll be able to attend all of the testings except sundays and yay it's extremely super lag server testing tonight flash steps for all. Time to play Sword and Board Demo!
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