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  1. I don't know about the plugin you use, but this may be because your buffer length setting is set too low. From the menu in FL, click options->audio settings. On the window that will appear you may see "Input/output" (I don't know what version of FL you are using) and beneath that, a dropdown which should list all drivers available. If you see something with ASIO in the list, it is best if you select that. If you select ASIO, a big button labelled "Show ASIO Panel" should appear on the window. Click it and find the control for buffer length in the new window that will appear. Increase it unt
  2. Hi everyone. I just bought a FL XXL Bundle (boxed) but I am hesitating to register right now. The Getting Started guide says: "Register and get a free on-line update to the most recent version" This is somewhat confusing. Does this mean that I get an update to the version available at registration time, or can I update to the latest version when I want. That is for example, can I register and wait for version 9 to come out or version 10, or 11, etc.. and then get my 1 update to that given version? thanks in advance
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