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  1. I'm not sure. We only stopped it for an instant before it charged ahead causing death and destruction. It's rather simple to do, really. Have a red engineer put a dispenser on the tracks, then have someone on the blue team stand next to the dispenser, touching it, on the tracks. Uber them when the train appears, and it will actually stop. The time I saw it done before this time, the person stopping the train was a disguised spy, and there were eight or so medics from both teams ubering him, so the train was stopped for quite a while...
  2. The train on well was stopped. It came to a halt. Just though y'all should know
  3. OCR flags? Sweet! I may actually stick something on the bare, naked walls of this college apartment!
  4. As I type this, the server is on ctf_sawmill, and it's full.
  5. Remember the time that I was in the top three of my team during a full match on Nucleus once where both teams were about equally matched and all I used was the jarate and kukri? Yeah, playing alternative styles can never ever ever be effective. To make this post constructive: I am for the addition of db_heights, I miss the last stage of Dustbowl anyways. Haven't played there in forever
  6. So, how did battle medic get nerfed? Blutsauger crits now, and the -2 health... cancels out the health regen buff. So the medic regenerates at about the same speed, but now can crit. Doesn't seem like a nerf to me...
  7. And if there are multiple people going melee only, on both teams, then the negative effects are shared between both teams and counter each other out. Either way, its not griefing, because they are not attempts at harassing people or gaining benefit at another's detriment, it's just people playing a silly game in a silly way.
  8. Eh, Cyberpunk can be fun. When there's five people on the server, everyone's gravity is turned extra low, and no serious play occurs. It isn't a map for doing anything but messing around on. I do like the hamburgers though.
  9. I had a tablet. The backlight on it died, and the repair estimate on it was, "It'd be cheaper to buy another laptop." I'm using it right now, in fact, although I have to use an external monitor. Also, I am moving from Kansas . . . to Alaska. I want to move as little stuff as possible.
  10. I'm headed off to a university, a laptop is more suitable there. It's got an nVidia 130M GT card, so it's not like I would be running off of integrated graphics or anything...
  11. I have a new laptop coming on the 19th, so hopefully about then I get to play with you guys again. Huzzah for new computers!
  12. Yeah, I was stumped by that for a while too. Either you have to be pixel perfect on the balcony, which I have never done but I have heard you can do, or you can jump from the stairs, which is much easier. Apologies for double posting, by the way.
  13. I let the computer sit overnight before touching it again, unplugged. I then started to follow the advice given by Prophet Orwell, and in the process, discovered the motherboard model number. I went to google, and presto, plenty of results of people on forums asking for help with the exact same problem as me. Long and complicated efforts have been made to fix it, and I haven't found one which has been resolved yet. I'm going to start researching a new motherboard. This one was silly anyways, three of the SATA slots were covered by the graphics card I installed
  14. ...feces. Well, my desktop computer, the only one I have capable of TF2, has something seriously wrong with it right now. It froze while playing TF2 yesterday, so I had to shut it down. When I tried to turn it back on... well, all of the fans come on. There's no video to the monitor, though, and no other sign of activity. I opened it up and checked all of the connections, they're all fine. It wasn't bumped or anything when it froze, and gave no prior signs of failing. Does anyone have an idea as to what might be wrong? Poor computer Anyways, I can basically guarantee that I won't be able to scrim this time, due to the computer's untimely demise (let's hope that reports of this demise are being greatly exaggerated).
  15. If you only saw two or three spies, you must not have been spychecking properly. Trying walking through people more often. My schedule changed (more like, I remembered that something was different), so Thursday is actually better for me now, although I think I would be able to make both days.
  16. I appreciate the democratic cadence you are showing Powerlord, but I'd still like to play Follower... how about you move where it is in the rotation to when you typically are not playing?
  17. I agree that we should get rid of cp_follower, and replace it with cp_cyberpunk.
  18. Ahahaha I just had the best reflect kill ever. I had just lit a scout on fire and right clicked to airblast him into a wall so I could pull out my axtinguisher and kill him... but a sniper right above us had released an arrow right as I did that, so I reflected the arrow into the scout and killed him that way
  19. I think that I'd be fine for the 26th. Most likely not the 23rd, unless it was rather late for me (11 PM central might work...)
  20. I have the internet again, woo! I'm still up for a scrim.
  21. I've thought about micspamming before, but I always get worried about whether or not people would like the music, so I've never really gone through with it. Except for once on Left 4 Dead, when we rushed across the rooftops in Dead Air singing along to Butcher Pete.
  22. Still no internet Hopefully, it will be fixed tomorrow though. The guy said that they would be by, and I quote, "Between eight a.m. and six p.m." Thank you for being specific Also, with any luck, I should be getting a new laptop soon. One capable of running TF2. That way, I'd be able to play when I'm out of town, and on Monday/Tuesday nights too (I'm typically away from my home computer then, and on my crappy laptop). I also have two cents about the blutsauger/needle gun debate. I believe that people do act differently when using the blutsauger, when facing pyros. The standard medic response to a pyro of backpedaling and needling him is basically a gamble; you regain health from hitting the pyro, but are losing it because you are on fire and possibly still being flamed. Without the temptation to gamble because you can gain health, the medic without the blutsauger, if he is smart (unless he knows that the pyro is almost dead already) will run away. Medics, you are faster than pyros when facing forward, backpedaling you are slower. If you aren't too close to the pyro, and he isn't using the backburner, it's nearly always best to turn away from him and to run for a while. Then you can turn around and if he's still following you, give him a dose of medicine*. Too often, I see medics NOT run away and burn to their deaths when they could have escaped. It's something I'm guilty of, too So, consider this a vote for vanilla days, too. *This medicine is most effective when applied as a suppository. Possible side effects may include constipation, lacerations, weight loss, impalement, sore throat, gaping wounds, headaches, spontaneous combustion, and loss of libido. Not valid for resale. Product is known to the state of California to cause cancer.
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