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  1. So apparently Snowplow is "too complex for new players", gets cut from its own update, alright. I don't agree, but it's your game so fine. Then two weeks later, gets pushed to beta?All of my wat, Valve.
  2. I'm torn about the new short circuit. On one hand, demospam has been king for a long long while, and deserved to be taken down a peg. On the other, this is .
  3. Oh yeah, this thread. It turns out that the Halloween comic was a one-shot; number two is available here. I expected shenanigans, and was not disappointed. Spy in particular busts out some hilarious new equipment. Also, for your daily deep magic, apparently TF2 supports audio sprays now.
  4. Was it really that bad? In other news, while Lil Guardian Pyro is obviously the big favourite for the Best Overall Saxxy this year, I'd say is an easy pick for Best Action. Kind of sad that replays have been put by the wayside, but they do look out of place next to full SFM shorts. Progress marches on I guess.
  5. Two months later, here is comic #2. At this rate, the next one will be Christmas related, and we won't find out what happened with Scout and Spy until February. Maaaaan.
  6. /rename @all, basically. Later on, Bark was changing them to map names. That was even better.
  7. And now, a public service announcement: KARAOKE NIGHT, SATURDAY GET HYPE This concludes your public service announcement. Have a nice day.
  8. I'm basically in complete agreement with that list. The raised platform in Mainline was broken in the previous version, as a single sentry could get complete coverage of all 3 routes coming into mid. That's no longer the case. You can still plop a sentry down in front of the building that obscures the second point, and again have it cover all 3 entryways, but 2 of those have doors and the third is an uneven dirt path where I'm pretty sure you can edge the gun, even if it's optimally positioned. Annoying, but not unassailable. My only serious issue with the map is pickups. There are 2 medium
  9. Touché. Also, sorry about the surprise decapitation on Goldrush.
  10. I don't feel anything one way or the other. I like a little Arena, but I'm as likely to spec or quit if it comes up as play it out. I'm simply stating, this is the way things are. If Lyrai can convince Bahamut to take arena off the server, I'm fine with that. If things stay as they are, I'm also fine with that. The matter, at present, is merely democratic. Off the top of my head, among the regular crowd, I count 6 people who like/love arena, 2 who dislike/despise it, 3 who tolerate it, and everyone else doesn't seem to care enough to voice an opinion.
  11. No, I'm saying that it's a valid playstyle that some amount of players enjoy, which is why they specifically seek out arena maps. People who hate Arena as much as Lyrai are a vocal minority, at least among OCR regulars, and to make a meaningful difference on the 'should Arena get played here' issue, she needs to get more people on her side. The extremely aggressive manner in which she makes her point about it makes this unlikely. Also, presh came on last night. Shit was awesome.
  12. Finally, some debate in this thread. *cracks knuckles* TF2 has been out since 2007. I've been playing it pretty steadily since then, and have a solid understanding of almost every mechanic. I'm not clear on when you started, but you log more time week-over-week than most of us, period. If you go into a server, any server, get killed and don't immediately understand why through sheer experience, something's wrong. Here's where your argument falls apart. Some people find failure fun. Dark Souls recently came out on Steam and has pushed several million copies in that time. DS is significant
  13. Upon thinking about it for a few days, a lot of what I was talking about is anecdotal. We could use some hard data; back in the HLStatsX era, when Powerlord was the primary admin, we had a page for collating exactly this type of stuff. I remember being sad to see it go. As for Degroot, it is fairly recent, yes. Sporknight and One-Hit have started playing a lot again, and it is a pet map of theirs. If one or both of them are around you can essentially guarantee it will appear in the vote list until it gets played or they leave. I have no problem with that really, we've all got an agenda of so
  14. Similar to the democratic election process, voting is opt-in. Most of the time I see about half of the people on the server bothered to vote; sometimes more, sometimes less, but it seems that a lot of people don't care. There's also the issue that it pops up during combat, which is unavoidable obviously. But a lot of times people will just hit whatever to get rid of the window; that's the reason the map in the F1 slot usually wins, on average. The votes are split enough that the accidentals push it over the top. A mapcycle standardises the user experience from day-to-day; you could argue tha
  15. The point of the mapcycle would be to eliminate rtv and nominate, as I understand it. Baha feels they're being abused. A good example is Egypt. The only time it gets played is when !! nominates it to troll the server, and it happens to show up in the F1 slot. He has admitted that's the only reason he does it in the past. A more controversial example is Degroot. Some people who play here really, really like it. Others really, really don't. Most people fall somewhere in the middle, but will tolerate it when it comes up. The issue is that it gets played every. Single. Night. When you bring in t
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