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  1. I loaned the Ipad air 2 to take with me on vacation. Never worked with Apple before. But that Garageband app was so intuitive and so responsive that i made some sketches of possible songs in no time. See what you think:
  2. Thanks both! I tried roughingin' it up a bit..
  3. The part id like comment about starts at 1.25 and ends at 1.35. Can anyone comment on the way is should mix this for some raw dubstep sounds (the kick vs wobble bass vs snare). Comments on instrument choice and usage also welcome. As you can hear im used to producing fluffy puffy songs.
  4. I forgot about this post a bit.. till i got an email about your comment. I listened to the track again and found a subtle change I could do, which worked well.. so thanks for making me re-listen and for your comment.
  6. Love that 80's style dark song from the movie Drive.
  7. I have the bad habbit of looking up the producer behind the comment(note im saying the producer, not the person.. cause that would be kind off perverted). Somehow the comment has more weight to it when the music of the commenter is good. I dont know if this is a bad way of thinking but im just being honest here . @ Proto dome - do you use soundcloud? I kind off liked the harmon mute on the brass (theres 2 trumpets and one trombone). Ill try what you're suggesting though.. maybe a cupmute with less sharp mix in the high freq. Im working on somekind of a verse for this song atm. Thanks for your time and comment! @ Willrock - I think, you are WillRock077 on soundloud right? There's a megaman and streets of rage remix (both very nicely done!!) Thanks on the comment. I cant read notes or chords whatsover, I do what sounds good.. and for that reason its great to hear the chords are good.. especially from a chords specialist! I'll try to make the rhodes stereo effect less prominent.
  9. I like the terror.. its crowded.. it makes it haunting.. very haunting.. and eastern cuz you almost chose a arabian note scale, i dont know music theory so i dont know if im even close with this in theory.. but this is how it feels.. nice piece you can go several ways from here. Im not to enthousiastic about the percussion though.. they dont sound as a part of the mix... more like something outside of it if you know what i mean.
  10. Thank you very much for the consructive detailed feedback Solaphar. I do everything by ear, but i know that when it comes to low notes, i sometimes think the note fits the chord, when it does not. So to see if i can help you out to help me, i opened my pianoroll. the 1st short chord at 00:10 chord contains: g#5 d#6 a#5 c5 and a g#3 in the base, Fl studio says this is a g# major at this point the bass is playing the g#3 note the second longer chord at 00:12 contains: g#6 d#6 c6 a#5 f5 and a g#3 in the base Fl studio says this is a d# major at this point the bass is playing the d#4 note Thanks, appreciated a lot! I was thinking, somehow ive seen your name before then i remembered i posted a golden axe rendition 2 years ago Yes thank you. Im still working on the drums. I'd like a more "modern" sounding kick, and i agree with you on the rim shot. I tried to get a michael jackson like swing with the tambourine.. and yes a variety of hi-hats could be very welcome. Ill re-post a new version soon. Thank you very very much! This might be the voicing of the chords, i didnt pay alot atention to that. As for woodwinds. I know for a fact the brass play the same notes as in the electric piano chords, but i somehow agree with you, it doesnt sound good to me... not only the voicing but also the lenghts in certain segments. Maybe i shouldn't let the brass play as big a chords as they are played with the electrical piano (sorry for my english). Thank you for your time, appreciated!
  11. Thank you very much for your constructive reply! I have no musical background so i looked "atonality" up. It means theres no root note for this song, and i dont think thats a very big problem at the moment. Right? If it is, is it possible for you to explain to me why? For the incorrect notes, you mentioned there are a lot. Can you give me the 1st only, i can try to figure out the what and why and work my way up from there. Then ill repost. Thanks again erineclipse!
  12. Hello people. 1st i hope you all are having a good day! Second I'd like to have some feedback on the mix as wel as the arrangements of the above song. All the things that are that come to mind that are wrong. Especially the mix in the low frequencies, how would you have done this? Im not a musician so also wrong chords or impossible note / chord combination that you hear would be great have mentioned to.
  13. Steinberg Hypersonic for the synths, drums and slap bass. Realguitar for that clipping sound on the left . And it FL Studio 8 for sequencing and mixing. I was thinking of removing a lot of reverb on instruments to make room for more percussion at the point where drums and bass go faster. Is that a good idea? Another question.. I see you have a good ear... For this song... chord changes could kill the mood of it i feel.. do you think its necessary? Hey many thanks!
  14. Your thoughts for mix, melody, intro, chord changes etc...