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  1. Meteo, the number on the C&D can very quickly be confirmed on the internet. I will admit.....if this someone managed to hack the intertubes, set someone next to this phone to answer calls all day, planted the two other people i've managed to talk to (lawyer/and HR person), then yes I got punk'd. I find that very very unlikely though. Neko, When did I say to not call the number...I'm pretty sure I actually encouraged people to call the number (looks back) ......yea I did. We think that they anticipated the larger fan backlash with this C&D and that's why they called didn't sign it with someones name. I agree the wording is worse, maybe they got some intern to type it up......or it was some new guy trying to make a name for himself I honestly don't know. Meh....I'm not really that much sure what to say. Someone on this forum said to post an uninterrupted walkthrough and were doing that maybe that'll help a little :-/. --JP
  2. Hey Everyone, I told meteo I'd try to stop in here every once in awhile cause it seemed like the blind biasedness was gone (based off his post). It looks like it has atleast subsided a little Complying with a C&D doesn't mean we are going to go hide in a cave or something. A ton of time and effort went into this product. We're gunna talk about it Uh.......yea. It's a full scale game made by people over the internet living across the world. Maybe you're confused by the term Alpha? For us we considered it the point where you can play the game from beginning to end...maybe that's a bad word, Chrono Trigger's alpha was just a couple chapters wasn't it? Anyways..most development stopped when I took a year and a half off of school, though 99 kept the ball rolling by polishing a bunch of the early chapters. I can't tell if this is sarcasm or not. I think that's relatively standard even for professional products. At that point we had actually released to several beta testers and basically had a constant stream of people submitting bugs to the tracker (most of them small but it really added up). We fixed 2000+ bugs in that time period. It's also when we threw in some new graphics and stuff. Um....it is? We destroyed the roms. These were videos taken before the C&D, and they haven't complained about any of the other videos (which have 1000's of hits). 99 kind of covered this. It's pretty clear to us that this is a beta tester's doing. Anyways any debate about the game being close to done is surely settled by the youtube playthrough. Please try to set aside your biases for a second....why would we fake this? --JP
  3. Everyone it's legi.... You know what...I actually planned a long post to explain why it's legit, rebuttals to arguments and stuff but it's not worth it. Of all the dumb things I managed to read on the internet (and believe me over the last few hours I've gone to the depths of the internet because I've been going through and offering comments/internal insight to many, many forums who are talking about this) this forum was far and wide the most narrow minded crap I had to read through... You guys should be embarrassed about how your bias against one man completely clouded your judgement. Romhacking.net was pretty bad, but atleast it has some people who were actually using logic that wasn't "zeality obviously crazy cuz he is dum" If you don't believe it..call the number which can quite easily be verified and ask "did the compendium receive a C & D letter". It takes about 10 seconds, there have been several people who have already done it....there problem solved. Sigh..i almost don't want to hit submit but i spent all this time anyways. --JP
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