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    Vincent Rubinetti: Composer, Producer, Arranger, Percussionist (and more)

    VR's first interest in music was sparked by the video games he played as a child. He was awed by classic soundtracks for games such as "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time" and "Star Fox 64". But it was his father, an accomplished guitarist and musician himself, who first inspired him to become a composer. VR quickly learned the elation and deep satisfaction of creating music.

    VR has passionately pursued music for many years, refining his skill and maturing his talent. He has written music for video games, ringtones for cellular service companies, and written and produced his own full length albums. Over his pre-college and college education, he has participated in a wide variety of musical ensembles, including concert bands, percussion corps, marching bands, and choirs, frequently assuming leadership roles such as president and first chair percussionist. He has also studied audio engineering, sound programming, mastering, and many other fields related to music.

    Overall, VR would be described as a musical zealot. His musically involved friends and family have propelled him into the music world, and his early interest in video games has given him a special affinity towards game composition.

    In every artistic endeavor VR undertakes, he strives for innovation, intellectuality, authenticity, and connectivity, which he believes to be the ultimate artistic experience. Creating and experiencing art is a large part of his life, as he knows art holds deep insight into the many facets of existence.
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    Vincent Rubinetti
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    civil engineer student at University of Delaware

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    FL Studio
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    Arrangement & Orchestration
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    Synthesis & Sound Design
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  1. I suppose this is a good place to bring this up. Everyone seems to think that it's "StickerBRUSH", when it's actually "StickerBUSH". See vgmdb, wikipedia, and track 17 of this image: http://www.game-ost.ru/covers/1151_653225.jpg Most other sources list it as "stickerBRUSH", but vgmdb and wikipedia are the most reliable of them all, so I chose to trust them. Plus, sticker bush, as far as I've known, has been a real word (which means a patch/bush of thorns or thistles), whereas stickerBRUSH has never been a word to my knowledge. If you google "stickerBUSH", it says "did you mean stickerBRUSH?". I've never seen an error propagate so much to the point where even google thinks the incorrect spelling is correct. And notice if you google "stickerBRUSH", you only get hits related to the DKC2 piece, whereas when you google "stickerBUSH", you get the DKC2 piece along with some things about gardening and dictionary defintions. Did anyone ask David Wise himself what the title is supposed to be? At this point, he's the only person I'd believe for an answer.
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