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    well, I like Video editing and creating (still learning the loops, I like computers and photo editing as well, I've been playing Piano for 10 years so far and am in hopes to continue for the rest of my life.
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  1. sorry about double posting, still getting used to this. I'm new to forums
  2. and I have a question, I'm looking for a good but free Piano sound font. do any of you know where I could get one?
  3. Heck yeah I got alot out of it and I appreciate every bit of it. I mean, I learned what Remixing actually is, about GM, a bit on how remixing works, about sound fonts, ect.. so thanks
  4. alright, i'll stick with sound fonts for recording.
  5. sorry. meant Preasent tense and/or future. My mistake
  6. Halt, I still am interested in remixing, the same as earlier, and for remixing, I wanted to figure out if I'm able to use my piano for better sounds, your advice was not useless. It'll have several different uses.
  7. it's ok xD. but u see why I need the keyboard?
  8. Thanks Halt! well, if Sonar has a soundfont player, I'm not sure, but VST Piano? what's that? And yes, you should come up here. you need to. It's in your destiny xD
  9. Sir, I'ld like to inform you that I'm using Sonar 6 producer edition, and the reason I'm buying a new keyboard is not ONLY for recording, but I play live gigs as well, and also, home use. I wanted a nice keyboard that has a good piano feel and good sound to thats in my budget. don't get me wrong, I've heard alot of good things about FL, but it's kinda like if your saving up for a telescope and you end up buying an Xbox 360. It doesn't suit your needs.
  10. well, I'm trying to find something out with a new mix, but yeah, I pretty much only use GM. I want to start using more of my keyboards sounds because the sounds in my computer pretty much suck, but the onse in my keyboard arn't that great either xD I'm saving up for an Yamaha MO8. estimating I'll have enough money by November/December. I'm currently using a PSR-293. but back to the song, like i said earlier, When I made it, I didn't undersatand what remixing was really, I thought that you just take a song and change the beat of it and add a little bells and whistles to it, I know that's way
  11. Neblixsaber, Thank you for your all that advise! I'll get to work on a better version of the song. and thanks Halt also for all the time you invested into me teaching me about it
  12. Well, thanks everyone for the advise and help, As for the abrupt ending, the song wasn't actually done yet, so that's temporary, I'm going to try re-making the entire song from scratch because, I thought that remixing was where you take a song and just change the beat and style of music, but I'm going to try making a version that's more original. but thanks for all of your opinions and help
  13. ok, but I got a question also, I'm not trying to sound like a smart ass or anything, real question. Am I supposed to write my own song? or is remixing something completely different from what I thought? I thought I was supposed to basically just put a new beat to it, well, I'ld appreciate a reply, thnx
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