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  1. >> ^^ I support this and encourage it. - Heavy Rain fan - You should make a trippy remix for Agent Jayden. Perhaps some more flavorful versions of the Blue Lagoon's music. They were kinda bland.
  2. I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy IX and a moderate fan of VII... Though I honestly just like the soundtrack of VII. It really drew out the character personalities... and I always liked the Turks. So I was thinking of a way to merge the two, and have a tribute to the Turks and Shinra. What I'm looking for is a melody with guitar, violin, maybe some piano, and still has the stealthy dark alleyway feel to it, and goes close to the same tempo or faster to the original melodies... In a way, I'm looking for a good Shinra-esque battle mix, that still retains the original creepy yet sly tune of the Turks... After studying the beats between the two games of similar tracks, I compiled a list of possible tracks that can be mixed in to give it flavorful possibility: The key tracks I want mixed are: Turks Theme (VII) + Strategy Conference (IX) + The Evil Mist's Rebirth (IX). I was thinking since Strategy Conference is a little different than the other two, maybe take from it bits and pieces? It's a huge idea that is sure to succeed if done right. The Evil Mist's Rebirth has a faster tempo than the other two. The Shinra Corporation (VII), or rather Infiltrating the Shinra Tower (VII) would be a possiblity to toss into the mix if needed. Walls of The Sacred Beasts (IX) could be another possible part of the mix, or even Weapon Raid from (VII). -- on another note Well aside from a mix like this, more Brave Fencer Musashi remixes would make my day as well. I'm also thinking about getting into the remixing community myself but I will need some additional hardware and money to do it x3. The ogm files can always be found at BlueLaguna community if needed for experimentation.
  3. I'm just glad that someone made a remix for this game. Honestly, it's not bad. I really wish more people would make more remixes for Brave Fencer Musashi. I would love to hear some more remixes for this title.