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  1. New to Studio, I have put together a couple of tunes only to find when I render the project there are tracks missing from the wav file. These are (tracks) channels created in the piano roll as well as live takes on the playlist. Both tunes have only 8 channels but in both cases 4 tracks don't show up in the final rendering. Also, no effects (FX) were used in the interest of saving CPU. I'm running XP sp3 w/ 1Gb ram. Extended memory (3Gb) virtual ram is also being used. Is this too wimpy a machine? Thanks for any input. PLR
  2. Another noob, I've somehow mananged to maximize the piano roll window so that whenever it's clicked on (F7) it takes up the whole screen. Is there a way to shrink this window back to a useable size?? Thanks PLR quote=huhwhozat;528209]I've been using fruity for a while but there are some things I've never touched. One of them is now annoying me and I don't know how to revert to the original behavior. In the piano roll, when using the draw tool, I'm used to moving notes up, down, left and right by just clicking and dragging them around the piano roll, maintaining their duration. I must have inad
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