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  1. @ op: do you use fl 9 extended memory?

    "There is a 3GB 'FL (extended memory).exe' in the FL Studio installation directory. For 32 bit Windows Operating Systems, this must be used with the /3GB Switch in the Boot.ini file. If you do edit it, save a copy to Boot.ini.old first, so you can recover the original at any time. Boot.ini files do not apply to Windows Vista memory management, BCDEdit is used with the /set IncreaseUserVa 3072 command. Image-Line takes no responsibility for issues caused by editing your Boot.ini file OR BCDEdit manipulation, you do these at your own risk."
    If you are using Vista 64 or Win 7 64, you can use up to 4 GB without having to tweak any settings and simply using the FL (extended memory).exe file. Otherwise, you're stuck at 2 GB.

    i thought it was 3gb. i'm using xp 64 and it uses 3 gb without tweaking any settings also

  2. i stopped playing it a few days ago, with 14 hours in. i think it's a great source for entertainment although there are times where you want to put it down and come back a couple of hours/day later.

    definitelyworth checking out, & it's a great game when one is on lifted lane 8O

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