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  1. so worthy best FACKin track of the year
  2. you revived my love for trance good job nicely done you know whats good eh !
  3. wow..this is real good keep on keeping on eh buddy. gets better as it progresses, nice little uplifting trance track eh buddy keep at it fricken awesome eh i will press the download button this is perfection eh buddy nice job
  4. @ op: do you use fl 9 extended memory? i thought it was 3gb. i'm using xp 64 and it uses 3 gb without tweaking any settings also
  5. i concur 100% with mura's post. i'd like to see more remixes for mm, the ost is beautiful here's a sample of my take on astral observatory (probably the shortest sample on the site) i'm hoping to complete in the next few months: *trancey elements, 140bpm. if anyone actually checks it out, use headphones since i'm still mixing with headphones only atm* http://soundcloud.com/alsoknownas/observatorypre
  6. nice remix . i like how there's a lot of variety jumping from one melody to another. the original song is deep & mellow but this is a very "fun" remix as a friend would say
  7. ^most of us here are trying to improve in musical production(or whatever you'd like to call it) & the best way is to give & receive feedback. no one on this forum should be ashamed of posting their compositions, because we all have to start somewhere i should take my own advice
  8. i stopped playing it a few days ago, with 14 hours in. i think it's a great source for entertainment although there are times where you want to put it down and come back a couple of hours/day later. definitelyworth checking out, & it's a great game when one is on lifted lane
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