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  1. Hey guys, Been a while since i've been here. Got 2 remixes made a while ago, like to know what you think about it! https://soundcloud.com/kaos001/sonic-3-hydrocity-zone-act-2-kaos-remix https://soundcloud.com/kaos001/143-balrog-final Cheers!
  2. check my original post, i added the zshare link
  3. Hey guys, I am pretty new to this site, but i made a small remix of the Balrog tune from Street Fighter 2 with a little housy vibe in it. You think i can submit this remix to OCRemix? Thanks for listening! http://marten.tweakdsl.nl/temp/143-balrog-final.mp3 zshare link : http://www.zshare.net/audio/61801196ed3d472f/
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