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  1. unfortunately it's not, the song i'm talking about is a techno/dance style...i had it on an old mp3 player which i now regret never backing up cause it fell victim to a flash flood
  2. About 8 years ago or so there was a sonic remix site, They had a song that I can only remember as awesome, it was Titled "Sonic Low" I can no longer find the site and was wondering if anyone else knew about it/had the link to the song
  3. As many times as it's been done before, I'd love to hear an arranged symphonic of the Final Fantasy Prelude with a vocal lead instead of instrument...Someone like Pixietrix...Unless it's already been done and I just can't find it.
  4. I'm not sure how long ago it was, but I was looking between this site and vgremix, and on one of the sites I found a song called Kitsune and the Nine Tails Fox...At least that's what I think it was titled. What it was was an amazing remix of Vega's theme opening up slowly with the sound of rain pouring down and the slow Flamenco plucking followed by some fast electric guitar. I want to say that I think Vurez did it, but I'm not sure....If anyone knows what mix I'm talking about, i'm desperately trying to find it again.
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