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  1. Hey guys! It's late for me so I will spare you (and myself) from a lengthy post. I just released an EP of some this and thats, under my non-remixing title, Miearth. Posting a link, and have yourself a good day! :razz:


    Here are some other links!




  2. So I finally have a chance to get on here and check out the post! Thanks to all of you for the very positive feedback. I am certainly overjoyed and I'm sure that halc is stoked. It has been a long time coming hanging out with halc and chtonic, and it was only a matter of time before I got into this. Wish I could say more but internet is limited! Three cheers and you all just wait ;) I have great things to show your ears haha

  3. Oh it feels good to finally be on here. After years of hearing Halc talk about this wondrous community, I finally felt up to joining and seeing what kind of music I, myself, could contribute. I've been writing for sometime now, but have only recently turned focus to remixing like Halc and Chthonic, my personal influences from my hometown. I love what everyone does here and look forward to becoming a part of it all!

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