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  1. wow man, best pimpin ever! thanks for the sharing :) pretty glad you liked it!

  2. Hey guys! It's late for me so I will spare you (and myself) from a lengthy post. I just released an EP of some this and thats, under my non-remixing title, Miearth. Posting a link, and have yourself a good day! http://3sdmusic.bandcamp.com/album/moments-after-moments Here are some other links! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Miearth/121453291233329 http://soundcloud.com/oface-1 http://tindeck.com/users/Insixfour
  3. So I finally have a chance to get on here and check out the post! Thanks to all of you for the very positive feedback. I am certainly overjoyed and I'm sure that halc is stoked. It has been a long time coming hanging out with halc and chtonic, and it was only a matter of time before I got into this. Wish I could say more but internet is limited! Three cheers and you all just wait I have great things to show your ears haha
  4. Internets!!!!!!!!

  5. Jigga internets

  6. I started this a little while ago but haven't managed to set time to finish it. I wanted to used a few sources for this, mostly containing something to do with forests in the title of the track. Would dig having some feedback Click here to download Leaves Of Hyrule.mp3
  7. Excellent course of action. Be vigilant.

    And avoid the spoiled milk.

  8. I would usually flag this kinda stuff as nonsense... But the staring blue eye compels me to believe it's real- it can see through me.

    I'll get to the fridge right away.

  9. It was the government! You will find a passport in the fridge. No time for questions, leave at once!

  10. boo dodododododo DUM doodoo

  11. I can't resist. You deleted a message on my page... I'VE GOTTA KNOW WHAT IT WAS! Was it a confession of love?! A death threat?! A secret code that the government blocked?! Damn... You were trying to warn me about something weren't you? Oh god...

  12. hey! i just wanted to say thanks for playing sax on marble zone. It came out wonderfully. kudos

  13. could you please change my handle to "Insixfour", sans-quotes? I also have a collab w/ halc in the inbox, when and if posted could you make that my remixer name as well? thanks!
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