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  1. Rozovian, I just PM'd you a WIP. Hopefully it got through. I'm new to this PM stuff.
  2. Rozovian, So I'm perhaps 2/3 of the way finished transcribing the notes for "Return to Forever" and wondering; are you aiming for a particular length with these tracks? I ask because the original piece is 8:36 and the last 4 minutes are quite repetitive (not sure if that's the credits or epilogue or what). Normally, when I remix game music I remove a lot of the repetition to keep things interesting. I'm guessing in this case I'd cut at least two minutes off the end.
  3. Oh man! More available! I wanna grab more but I need to finish "Return to Forever" first. I didn't realize it's a six minute track. That's okay. It's a good one. It's just gonna take a healthy few weeks to do justice. It will be epic. Oh yes.
  4. VSL is on my wish list. A damn expensive wish list at that. lol I'll have to get an extra HDD for it too. No matter how hard I try I can't get my strings to sound "good enough". I know VSL happens to be the best so I'll just have to get it and be satisfied.
  5. Okay! I've found a complete .mp3 posting of the all in game music here: http://downloads.khinsider.com/game-soundtracks/album/link-s-awakening-dx However there are 79 tracks! I managed to find matches for the following: tail cave catfishes maw wind fishes egg But I'm not sure which track matches the "ballad/ending theme" you have listed. Can someone help me out? I'm pretty sure that's the one I want to remix. As I recall, it's the main theme to the game. I listened to track 75 on the list but it's only 1:11 which does not match the 3:09 listed in the .m3u file.
  6. I am searching high and low and not finding the track files online. Perhaps I just don't know where to look? I found many sites with music from the game but all were either incomplete or using different track titles. Is it so terribly difficult to make an .mp3 version of the original soundtrack that we can all listen to without having to install two programs we'll never use for anything else? Sorry. I just work up.
  7. I love this project and want to get involved. However, I don't have winamp (and won't be getting it anytime soon). Surely there is some other way to access the music?
  8. Thanks mate! I just finished listening to the FF4 remix collection. I must say I wish it had been organized better. I think the majority of casual fans may find it a rather tedious listen. Not due to it's length, but rather to it's chaotic blend of styles. I found myself skipping every track that included electric guitars (I simply cannot stand them in instrumental music) and a few other tracks as well. In effect, the mood was constantly being disrupted and reminding me I was listening to a jumble of music instead of a beautiful RPG score. And I have to add that "Evoking the Dawn" (3-07) was easily the best piece on the collection. If this project can flow in a more natural manner it will certainly be to everyone's benefit. I understand that is difficult to pull off given the number of artists involved. But surely we can do a better job than others have done. As there seems to be no shortage of artists, perhaps you can afford to be a bit picky
  9. Well I just saw the list of what wasn't taken and listened to them all I will do as you suggest and focus on Return to Forever first. No worries on the sound. My intent was to keep them clean and as natural sounding as possible. I do usually have a pad or synth in there somewhere though (if I feel it improves the overall composition). Definitely no "untz untz". I try and stay close to the original mood with my remixes. I'll work up basic versions of both perhaps They seem much less complex musically than the original Secret of Mana pieces I worked with on my Mana EP. I'll PM something in a few days.
  10. If I may, I would very much like to have two tracks reserved: 114 Innocent Sea 319 Return to Forever You know I am good for it. Please let me know. Once they are confirmed available and reserved for me I'll begin!
  11. Excellent. Now I can have a listen. Yes, I'm on the Seiken forum too. My Mana EP is coming along. My wait now is from the other two artists. One is nearly done, the other I have not heard from. Seems everyone is having a very busy summer! I will listen to the available tracks and stake my claim if I am inspired!
  12. I am absolutely blown away by the amount of work the community put together. The range of styles, creativity and quality is amazing. When I heard the little kid in "Metal Mage" I about died laughing. Best remix EVAR. I absolutely love this game and so many of the tracks bring back warm memories. Thanks so much OCReMixers! I so want to be involved in one of these projects!
  13. I am interested in contributing. What are the remaining tracks to be done? Is there an easy place I can go to hear the original versions?
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