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    Hi, I'm a harmonica player, mostly, I'm hoping to make a recording or two and work on some collaborations, exchanging music back and forth and what not.
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  1. Howdy all. Long time listener, newcomer poster, so I'm not sure if this is exactly where I ought to post this.. I was looking to get started with someone to spend a little time exchanging some stuff back and forth and creating a blues-folk live instrumental version of Shadow's theme. I was wanting to get together a geetar player, preferably acoustic, maybe electric for a solo, and do something interesting lyrically- I'm positive his story provides more than enough for some old-school Bob Dylan ballad about the ninja, his dog, and his past. I myself can pull of some singing, though I'm far from the best, I'm going more for meaning than spectacular performance. I also play harmonica, and I wanted to incorporate that into the song. Anyone who would like to work with me on this, it would be appreciated. The main thing I'd like to get started would be some chords of some kind that would provide the main backing for the overall song, then start sending such and such back and forth. Please to be working with ye.