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    CompositorArmonicoEnFuga was created by Juan Pablo Cavagnaro. He was born the 27 September 1983 in Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina. He begins his career during the year 2002, he played in a band called “Throsha”, in which he played the electric guitar and sang. In The year 2004, they recorded “Pawn Of Death” (Peón de la Muerte) with 8 tracks, recorded and mixed in 59 hours. In the year 2005 Juan Pablo begins his studies in lyric singing in the Alberto Ginastera Conservatoire in Morón. During 2007 he selects, among his more than 30 compositions, a play divided in 4 tracks that took part of the EP that he recorded in his own study during February and September 2008, entitled “Valvular ECC83”.
    He participated in the contest DestacaT! From the web site He won with a 35% of the votes from more than 900 users from the page. He performed live one of the tracks from this record in the Centro Cultural San Martín (CCSM) the 16 November 2008 in the Argentinian Videogames Exhibition along with other covers of videogames such as the Contra, Super Mario Bros, Monkey Island and ExciteBike soundtracks. He has released some of said covers and other game songs like ¨Yie Ar Kung Fu¨. He participated in the first Argentinian videogames remix contest (COREAR) and he got seventh place in it. In February and March 2009 he wrote incidental music for Polka, for the tv series “Cárceles”, “Policías”, “Valientes” and “Enseñame a vivir”. In April he writes music for an in-game advertising for the Three Melons company, for Axe the renowned deodorant company, which was released by the end of May 2009. Of a selection of re-recorded works from the years 2008 and 2009 he releases his “Spontaneo” record, a second 4-track EP.
    What are you looking for? Incidental music? in-game advertising music? soundtrack music? Everything is possible.
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    Juan Pablo Cavagnaro

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