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  1. Thanks for the comments! You're right about the intro. I agree that its too long and empty! i wanted to add some drum breaks there, but i lost the wave tracks on a hard drive "back up" routine! Any ideas for making the bass more exciting?
  2. Another classic Doom song! This is from the map Hangar of Knee Deep In The Head episode and it's called "At Doom's Gate"! I tried to keep the original atmoshere, so yes! It's metal oriented!
  3. Here is my cover of a Doom II track! It's from the maps Demon's Dead and Refueling Base. I tried to stay close to the original atmoshere! Hope you like it! Feedback appreciated! Youtube:
  4. I liked it! Half time beat seems to work well the first minute! But i think you could double time the beat after minute 1.00! Then return to half time beat for the end!