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  1. Classic WillRock: makes you feel as if you've been transported back to the '80s. (correct me if I've got the wrong decade, but it screamed "80s" to me)

    This mix got me hitting the "download" link partway through listening to it—high praise from me. A solid mix, and nothing sounded out of place, even with the two sources being three games apart.

    My only gripe: IT'S TOO SHORT! And if that's my only gripe, then it's a solid piece indeed.

  2. I am listening to the piece for the first time as I type this, and I can say that I have so far NOT heard anything that would make me say that the orchestral/chip combination sucks. I was engrossed from the first second, and am still awestruck at how sweeping this sounds. (I don't want to use a certain overused four-letter word that starts with "E." Suffice it to say, it sounds like a piece of music that would go perfectly with a panoramic shot of Hyrule; it is that grand.) If Zelda OoT was ever made into a movie, THIS should definitely be in it.

  3. Really great arrangement. I will not lie, this is going straight into my library. I could easily pick up the strains from both Liberi Fatali and OWA, but I agree: you managed to weave them into one cohesive theme quite well.

    One question (not a gripe, but an observation): I noticed that in the horn section starting at around 2:00, and again in the piano section near the end, you repeat the "Estuans interius" line from OWA, but never conclude with the ubiquitous "SE-PHI-ROTH!" Am I correct in guessing that the omission was intentional? a means of breaking from the OWA-remix norm?

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