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  1. I just wanted to report that this NSF file from the Super Mario Bros. 3 page on ocremix.org seems to have a broken DPCM track. I played back some songs from the NSF in foobar2k (via foo_gep) and also imported it into Famitracker. Both play only garbled noise instead of a DPCM-drumtrack. There are other NSF rips of Maro 3s music around that play back without issues and clean drums, so I suppose the NSF file is a bad dump and should be replaced.
  2. This is a custom pattern for foobar2000 which is supposed to list every song in your library related to ocremix by only querying metadata and not relying on paths, filenames, directory structures and so on. But since apparently not all remixes conform to ocremixes id3-specs this is a bit cheesy and not exactly super scientific. I thought I'd share this anyway since there might actually be another person out there who finds this useful. So what I came up with is this: $puts(x,$meta(album))$puts(y,$meta(www))$if($or($strstr($get(x),ocremix),$strstr($get(y),ocremix)),%original album%) Well, wha
  3. Hey Brycepops, thank you so very much for the quick reply! By googling dagobah and ninja warriors, i found this! So it's Dubmood - Ninjaflood Starts School, best enjoyed in xm! You can find it over @ http://amp.dascene.net/detail.php?detail=modules&view=578
  4. Stumbled upon this flashloop, thought the audio was awesome and couldn't stop listening! So it's a remix of "Daddy Mulk" from Ninja Warriors, i figured that much, but does anyone know who made this or which remix-site that's on? I already looked around remix.kwed.org and others but no luck anywhere, maybe someone knows, I'd really appreciate a hint!
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