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  1. I actually was thinking of doing something with this, sadly, I have the 360 version of the game. No music, no voices, no sounds to work with =X
  2. This for sure. Only thing that bothered me was the lack of bass, it sounds top heavy. At certain parts I heard what sounded like a brass line peak through the thick parts(like 1:21 and the 2:55 segment), maybe trying bringing it down an octave or two, whatever leaves a good sound. Then just add a beat. If you want to keep that orchestral feel, try using a normally low voiced instrument voice for it like cello/tuba. Throw on that brass line you have and chop it up, simply attacking the notes should provide a basic beat. Of course, it might sound horrible... but it sounds like it would work in my head, give it a shot =D
  3. Finally finished a bunch of what I wanted between the cracks of free time I had. I took care of everything I mentioned in the previous post in some form or fashion and a few other things: 1) I realized that the original song was not right. Someone said "more bass" and I thought "WTF... there's plenty." I had been playing the song back through EQs that weren't flat, giving it the volume/depth I desired. Once I realized that I went in and mangled with the mixer and pretty much emulated what I had been listening through. NOW the song should sound much more like what I've been listening to. This was easily the biggest change I made, despite only taking a minute or two to make the adjustment. 2) I changed the percussion a bit, took out the fake claps and added a real clap sample. Gave the 'snare' line a lot of tweaking. I also added a beat to help pump some blood through the song. 3) I need to tweak balancing, I know certain parts cancel each other out and sometimes certain lines are a little too far forward. I put the link to the current version in the original post, also found here: http://www.box.net/shared/hqojyzoixq I was going to use a different file host.. but I was hellbent on finishing my adjustments and getting the new version up, especially since the other version was WAYYYYYY off. So the next update will have a new host(and hopefully a timer). Be mean, nit-pick, and split hairs. I can't get better without criticism =D Thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks for the quick input guys. Here's what I've done/will do based on what you guys have said and what I've had others tell me: Major: 1) Before that crash at 1:14(next time I'll use a host that displays a timer) I'm going to slide down the tempo on the tinkling, dreamy line. That should give it more of a 'this into that' feel rather than 'this-that,' as well as give it the feel of a 'fleeting dream.' 2) Voice adjustments/reworking. I like the way the song is laid out currently, but it does stagnate in certain parts. I have a couple ideas that should vary up the song so it should keep things moving. I'll admit I'm biased when it comes to balancing voices. I played tuba for 8 years, so I prefer having anything but the actual melody take lead in a song... which can sometimes break a song lol 3) Percussion. I'm still not sure what direction to take, but I'm gonna play around with stuff, try some ideas out and see if anything surfaces. Minor: 1) Panning in the intro. 2) Voicing in intro.
  5. Third Draft(current) http://www.box.net/shared/vt7fuy1ix9 After making some major changes and experimenting with things, I realized I lost one of my checkpoints on the song and lost a lot of work. I almost gave up with it, but luckily found a burst of energy to just get it done again. I changed some voices, fixed some balance issues and I'm pretty much done with this(I've mentally completed it for the time being regardless of it not being done, imo). There's one glaring mistake in the end, the little chirpy-chippy sound screams above everything else and I didn't realize until it was too late. I'm also not pleased with the song structurally, but since it was more of a hands-on learning project, I'll just make something else better than rework this now. Any suggestions for improvement are welcomed(including things to keep in mind for future songs). Second Draft http://www.box.net/shared/hqojyzoixq Good god... I wrote out this huge wall of text and then lost it because NoScript hosed everything down lmao... This is my first real attempt at a ReMix and this is also my first post on these forums despite having used OCRemix.org for years. The song is from Kirby's Adventure, the final fight against Nightmare. The basic idea is that Nightmare attempted to turn all dreams into nightmares. So this song is what happens if he actually pulled his plan off. You dread falling asleep because you know you'll have the same nightmare that you've been having for days, and finally when you start to fall asleep and are lulled into a seemingly peaceful dream or cake and bunnies BAM zombies attack or aliens destroy town. Finally when you think you might be waking up, Nightmare himself drops by briefly to make sure you know who controls the dreams. So have a listen and let me know what you think. I know I have a few things I've been on the fence about: 1) The intro is long. While it definitely conveys that "I can't sleep, this sucks" idea, is it too long? 2) The percussive line. I couldn't think of anything other than weak muffled crap to use since traditional banging wouldn't make sense in a song about sleep. Any ideas? 3) The end. There's a lot going in the last few bars and then there isn't. I like it the way it is... but I feel like it could be better too... Thanks in advance for any input =D tl;dr I'm new, this song is about falling asleep and having nightmares, gimme feedback prz. Edit: also, source song for reference:
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