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  1. A piece I composed & produced, inspired by Epic Soundtracks from movies/games (I bet you know what inspired me, don't you? )
  2. I'll work on that, thanks for the comments and tips (rediscovery is one of my fav of their more progressive pieces together with edge of forever, communion and the oracle, through the looking glass and candlelight fantasia!)
  3. ah ok, now I understand I usually use two different setups for rhythm guitars, a "cutting" incisive one I use for more metal pieces with riffs etc, and the second one which is more "cremy" - hardrock-ish... I choose the second one because this piece has just power chords and a normal palm-muting rhythmic. Also I'm not used to put keyboards on rhythm guitars, but this time I did... listening to the track without keyboards, guitars are clearer... maybe some eq can help PS. I'm a big Symphony X fan
  4. Thank you for the comment About the repetition: the original piece is less than 1 min long looping forever, I tried to change things here and there (drums, harmonization...) and adding a very simple solo etc. Usually for my own arrangements/music I add bridges/interludes and more complex solo sections. This was a request from a friend who wanted to ear a metal version of the piece, and since I really liked the game and the soundtrack I quickly did this short arrangement... anyway yes, it could be expanded more. Rhythm guitars are double tracked, yes. What do you mean when you say "buried"?
  5. A new arrangement I made for Evoland, an indie game I really enjoied!
  6. Thanks for the comment! I usually don't like my finished tracks, I always found something that bothers me, but frankly not this time... I like how the arpeggios section came out, it doesn't sound dirty to me. I used a very low crunch overdrive in that section not to screw up everything with distortion. As for delay/reverb I tryed to emulate the effect of the original track. Oh yes, I should practice more, I agree on that Thanks for watching and comment
  7. I absolutely LOVE this track from ff7, one of my favourites ever. I didn't re-arranged it from scrap, I used my new mixing method and I made a 6 strings guitar version of the 7 strings arrangement originally made by Bulb (Haunted Shores) which is almost perfect to me. I hope you like my rendition
  8. New FF arrangement and video, hope you like it
  9. The opening theme from gameboy game "Pokemon" red and blue ver. This is my rock/metal guitar version, I added a solo too, hope you like it! EDIT 1: I edited the link, it was wrong EDIT 2: I don't know, but even if I put the direct link to the video, it opens my main channel.
  10. Hi guys! Here one of my favourite tracks from Final Fantasy 7 soundtrack, Anxious Heart. Not really a re-arrangement... I'm just experimenting with my new instrumentation, trying to make an orchestra version of this piece. I hope you like the rendition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUzw8TMzWDU
  11. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your comment Thank you for the suggestions too, I've not studio headphones/speakers, I use mid-budget headphones, so I can't hear everything perfectly. About comments: I don't know why noone see/comment my videos (I'm talking about youtube, not this forum), I really put myself in doing this arrangements, mixing, video etc. Anyway Thanks again
  12. Old track from a turbogtafx-16 game "Splatterhouse" ... I like this track very much so I did a symphonic metal cover which suits very well (I think)! I hope you like it!
  13. no one answered... I quote myself Come on guys! I need your advices to make better arrangements
  14. Thanks a lot guys! A little bit... lol I have a long list of tracks I'd like to do, actually I'm not accepting requests anymore because I'm full.. you know. Anyway I'll make that for you since you asked me before and always support my channel (but probably I'll make audio only, no video) I'd like to do that, but I don't know what to use for orchestral instruments. I know there are a few professional software for that, but they are 30-40 gb, I mean, my pc can't stand that With this FF7 medley it has shut down at least 25 times... :S I use Korg M1 keyboard module for extra sounds... what should I use to get a more realistic sound? thanks
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