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    Founding member of Girder Repairs National, aka GRN team of TF2. Much less impressive than it sounds. Also slowly learning exactly how much muscle memory from UT2k4 doesn't apply to Team Fortress.
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    Student / Vitamonkey

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  1. If the server magically regains a population, or more interest is shown, I'll gladly return to facestabbing.
  2. Aww, this makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Like I just ate a kitten or something.
  3. I invade the CK noob server from time to time, because it's hilarious.
  4. Now, how would one represent facestabs on a card? Also, I suggest an enchantment: Reserve Slot. Reduce the cost of all admin creatures.
  5. Yeah, I hopped on tonight for the first time in a while and got slapped in the face with ping that hovered around 150, with spikes up to 300. It was basically unplayable.
  6. I'm going to wait until I see them in action to make a final judgement, but my first impression is hilariously OP. "It's weak against buildings! But still shuts them down for 4 seconds! That's a weakness!"
  7. Just go to the admin panel and enter their steam ID. I can show you next time you're over.
  8. I'll be on the server again soon, I promise. Your faces call to me more than summer classes can stop.
  9. Turn crits on. I've only played a few times in the apst couple weeks due to shitty internet and I noticed immediately. I actually enjoy the random element they add, so stop whining and deal with it. Also, I may absolutely despise how nocrits screw up knife animations. On an unrelated note, margaritas made from a recipe taught by a sweet old Mexican lady KICK ASS.
  10. How're you making a sphere? I've tried a few times but keep getting a sort of strange lopsided thing.
  11. No need to fight, ladies! There's enough Chili to love everyone! Delicious and amazingly handsome!
  12. Nuking isn't good! Well, unless you get to watch the mushroom cloud. Then it's pretty. I'm Fenrisson.
  13. Fun to see I'm apparently off the list now.
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