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    Who I am is a question that I ask myself on a daily basis.

    I am Curtis Batson, a determined, smart, driven, young urban professional whose goal is to be the best in any venture or opportunity that presents itself. I Love to live life. I take risks where some may hold back, I see challenge as an opportunity to grow stronger and better. When people ask me what I do? My response is “ Everyday I’m hustling”! Who’s going to do it for me if I don’t? In business and in my personal life I stay true to my word. I feel that all a person has is there word and once that is gone you have nothing.

    You can’t always make others happy, but don’t compromise yourself and your integrity for the sake of acceptance.

    As a man I strive to always be truthful. Even if it means hurting someone or being hurt myself the truth is always better. I lead by example, I do to others what I would like to have done to me. Yes straight from the good book, not saying that I am super religious but I live with my actions with no regrets. I roll with forward thinking people, people with good vibes, and have gotten past the main stresses in life and just take in what life has to offer. I deal with what may arise when it does. Most important I forgive those that do me wrong and move on, but I don’t forget. Life is too short to have resentment; all you do is slowly kill yourself. I don’t have time for that.

    That is what I have to say about me!!
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