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  1. Was Megaman 3 your favorite game as a kid?

    Almost every song I know how to play on Piano is from Megaman 3. As a kid I fucking loved that game. I can play Snakeman, the credits, Protoman's song, Shadowman, and I started learning magnet man and topman but never finished them.

  2. What's LE? And thank's for the info. I might have to check out abelton and fruity loops since most video game songs are looped.
  3. I'm not sure which program I want to use or even what any of them generally do. I know what I want a program to do with the limited knowledge I have. I'm not sure which one I should start with first either. Does anyone have any suggestions on a program to start with and why? *runs off to read about programs in the mean time.*
  4. It'd be an interesting remix to start with the theme while you're on the plane, then Knuckles theme [as he's ganking your emeralds], then Briefly the Act 1 theme for Angel island followed by a remix of the special stage, then back to the act one theme. Special stage again, then Act 1 theme again, followed up with the miniboss theme. A remix of the end stage fanfare. Then a remix of act 2 [with that lovely xylophone], the special stage remixing again [very shortly in btw], more of act 2, another special stage, more of act two, then the robotnik fight theme remixed, followed by a fanfare. So,
  5. You're own private training course? I need to do train my ears, personally. Interesting that it's the Organ pedal notes.
  6. Why are they called pedal tones? You are releasing the sustain pedal when you play a different chord, but you're just playing the same note continuously on the bass line, correct? I'm just curious why it's called a pedal tone. Anyway, thanks for the info, very informative. You seem to know a lot about music. How long have you played, and what do you play?
  7. I play piano. I've found a few sites that lable chords as Eb/E, or A/E, [chord/other note]. But on piano I've found nothing. So, I ask, what would be the listing of notes in such a chord from highest to lowest? Does the letter before the slash indicate that it's the first note in the chord? As in Db/C would be C Db G Ab, a Db chord with a C at the begining. Anyhow, I need to find a piano to mess around on. Thanks for the info!
  8. Was my original post on that specific video. I learned the intro by watching a mario paint video. I can't pick up chords by ear, nor really weird scales like whatever scales happens to be in this song. If given a link to sheet music I'll be fine and dandy, and very very grateful. If you know the chords offhand and tell me [or even the general baseline {which I can use to find the chords}] I'll also by eternally grateful. This is my all time favorite song [music in general]. I just can't figure it out...
  9. Protricity Can't wait to here Morph Moth. I'm currently listening to Brainsickmetal. I was browsing around the sight and spotted this topic, about my FAVORITE series [musically] then noticed you're doing my FAVORITE song. So, I had to check out what else you've done. Really looking forward to the Morph Moth.
  10. HI!

    I love your silent progress.

    But, what are the chords to that song?

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