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  1. Have for trade: Industrial Festivizer (new engie hat) Want: any of the new medic or soldier hats
  2. Not until Saturday for me. Also, the "buddy" for this team is http://steamcommunity.com/id/mesr. My memory tells me he is going to be good.
  3. My thought is he is being a dick and I have no problem taking a win by forfeit from them.
  4. Is that CET (central european)? If so, that is GMT +1. So 2:30 CET = 8:30 EST (I believe)
  5. Frogg: 94,659 34d 21:05:13h = 113.09 PPH Scythe: 55,560 7d 16:01:22h = 301.95 PPH Necro: 51,708 28d 15:22:35h = 75.15 PPH Me: 50,445 13d 18:57:03h = 152.40 PPH Miyako: 48,507 21d 05:35:41h = 96.24 PPH Neet: 31,614 2d 20:40:29h = 464.91 PPH By the way, these stats have nothing to do with skill.. they're pretty arbitrary as to how they decide what is worth what. Also my numbers are rounded a little so the PPH is not 100% accurate, I'll leave the stats for Fireslash.
  6. Stats needs a "points per hour" column...
  7. Wife's birthday. Later the better (to make sure she is fast asleep). Also, for next week: traveling for business and not available at all the night of the 12th and the night of the 14th.
  8. I got a dropped one last night. Unlocked it into a can of paint. Meh. Will trade if anyone is interested. When you get the crate, the mouse hover tells you what it can contain. Mine was something like 3-4 of the standard unlocks (sandman, backburner, etc), two different cans of paint, and two of the new hats. They make it seem just worthwhile enough to spend $2.50 on the key. Edit: I have a second crate. Taking offers.
  9. UPDATE!!! http://www.teamfortress.com/mannconomy/ appears to be live AS WE SPEAK. Not that we are actually speaking in that sense.
  10. Umm... why do we show as having a loss? http://etf2l.org/high/group-phase/ (group 207)
  11. Done. Thank the good lord for the instructions posted earlier, they make that way more difficult than it needs to be.
  12. 99 Sentries: Took the whole round to build. http://www.nqaclan.com/fastdownload/tf/images/cp_freight_final10007.jpg http://www.nqaclan.com/fastdownload/tf/images/cp_freight_final10008.jpg http://www.nqaclan.com/fastdownload/tf/images/cp_freight_final10009.jpg
  13. A voice of reason? On an internet forum? WHAT IS SOCIETY COMING TO????
  14. You guys really crack me up. All I did was make a comment that I didn't know your rules were posted anywhere. I said that I learned them and followed them anyway. So enough with this nonsense and stop trying to put words in my mouth. Everyone in OCR is as bad as Trianine. Confirmed.
  15. I'm really not going to argue this point endlessly. It's really not worth any of our time or energy. I am curious though, how many people here read the EULA before installing anything..
  16. Wow you guys really have turned this into an argument for no real reason. 4 hours ago I felt like we were all in agreement, and now you've become argumentative and started name calling. Nice guy. I'm not making any excuses for anything. I didn't see any MOTD rules because I dont read them. I'm not now nor have I ever used that for an excuse for anything. I've heard your rules through other methods, I'm just pointing out that they are not stated so clearly that it is going to be obvious for everyone. On our servers we spam our rules out through in-game messages, as well as MOTD. Well to be perfectly honest, your alltalk is the most useless piece of shit I've ever seen (Well, maybe 2nd most useless piece of shit behind your reserved slots system). As soon as I connect to the server I have to turn off voice or mute half the people on it because of mic spamming. Do I need to hear brushfire doing play by play of a match while wasting a slot in spec? I've typed in chat and been ignored. Many times. So don't give me that bullshit. Again, I'm not backpedaling or arguing. YOU are the one that has turned this nasty all of a sudden. One of the first times I played on this server I learned about no clan-stacking rule while being told OCR isn't a clan and therefore doesn't count. Just a bunch of guys wearing a tag playing together in a community fashion. Not a clan though. Whatever you guys need to tell yourself to make the rules fit you, it doesn't matter to me. I don't particulary think so, but thanks for the complement. Well, Jackass, you're talking to one of the few that HAS made an attempt the learn the rules, despite no one enforcing them anyway. I'm the one that moves my team away from sticky spawn camping. I'm the one that doesn't go to spec after being balanced. I'm the one that was posting here in a civilized manner until now trying to make peace. I never said I didnt learn your rules, I just said I didnt see them posted anywhere. Big difference.
  17. Seriously in the months I have been playing on your server, this is the first time I've ever even heard that you have the rules posted somewhere. If they are on the MOTD, its not good enough - I dont read that and I'm sure I'm not alone. While that might seem fine at this point, when someone is new to a server and they see a bunch of people on one team with a common tag, what do you think they will think?
  18. All I'm trying to say is there are plenty of people with the nQa tag that fit this description as well. We have some good people and some not so good people.
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