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  1. Hi. Noob here. I've been a long-time fan of ocremix, especially the Chrono Trigger remixes. But why so little love for the Sega Genesis? Anyway, to the point, Alien 3 was one of my favorite games for the Genesis. The music, although there were only a few tracks, was well-composed and varied enough from level to level so that gameplay never felt stale. If one of you ambient remix specialists (Disco Dan and Scott Peeples immediately come to mind, though I counldn't hope to name all the artists I admire here) would be kind enough to take on a song that is dark and bleak, yet full of somewhat hopeful (determined?) undertones, I think the Genesis section of ocremix would have one more piece of fantastic variety to look at. The song: Stage 4 (I don't think it has a name other than that, but it sets the mood for you wandering through the oozing, acid-dripping hive in search of people taken prisoner by the aliens.) Alien 3 (Sega Genesis) The Main Title song would probably make for a good remix as well. You have my thanks in advance!
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