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  1. So I just recently discovered this game, and MAN am I loving it. I have been playing through OCR albums in one sitting that I have passed by due to lack of interest and it has been making the listening experience all levels of awesome.

    Their is a 4-song free demo available if you want to check it out. Use your music or the game provided ones.

    I know their is a Audio Surf 2 currently in early access, but I already have one other Steam game in early access, Starbound, and I don't want anymore.

    (Side Notes, Still Elex Synn on the score boards and Steam in general :) )

  2. Just in time for me to lose interest in the game... Dangit, the temptation to complete the pokedex is THERE, man.

    But no. I must resist! They are just bits of data! They have no value!

    Same boat as you. As of a couple days ago, I lost interest in X/Y. Once I hit a score of 6073 in Battle Institute Doubles and wiped out the doubles team in battle mansion, I got bored.

    Moved on to Rage of the Gladiator.

  3. Yet any time someone brings a new copy of a game to me, I ask them if they want the used copy, they tell me no, and then I sell them the new copy.

    Customer service is actually a huge deal for Gamestamp. I saw a guy that had spectacular numbers get fired on the spot for trying too hard to push the used merch. Customer service never takes a backseat to store policy.

    I back this statement, personally. I have had experiences in 4 separate Gamestops here in SE Michigan and I can not think of a single time I left a store upset. They always ask me if I want them to call their neighboring stores if they don't have a game I am searching for (Recent memory, Final Fantasy Thearerhythm), and always greet me when I walk in, even if they have large lines.

  4. Imma havea baby in 4 weeks!

    Congrats, mate! Though the little babes will come when they're good and ready. ;)

    I have two little walking hurricanes myself. 8-year old and 2-year old girls.

    The 2-year old punches... Hard... :|

  5. Well; I'm more or less engaged, just haven't had time to find a ring yet, but I plan on marrying my girlfriend sometime next year (hopefully). We're together for nearly 8 years

    I would need this as well, my girlfriend would surely love it, she's a total Mario fan

    Me and my wife were dating for 9 years with 2 daughters created along the way. Got married last October.

    Funny thing is I was much more nervous about the wedding then becoming a father.

  6. Gonna go see it tomorrow with the wife for our first "married date" - excited to finally be seeing it.

    Funny coincidence. Was me and my wifey's first married date, too. Hitched October 20th. :)

    I was very happy with it. I am more then certain that my nostalgia glasses caused me to enjoy it about 100 times more.

  7. There was a car based MMO that was pretty damned original, Post apocolyptic earth. I forget what its name was.

    I would be interested if you end up remembering the name of it.

    The only other car based MMO I have experienced was Drift City through.

  8. I have to say I've really enjoyed this series and how it is turning out so far.

    Being Korra has reached where she is at the end of the first book makes me hopeful on what is to come. Blood binders are an interesting concept... I suppose the human body is mostly water. Ideally wouldn't more water binders be able to do this?

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