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    Gaming since the days of NES. Initally I only checked out remixes to games I knew, but lately I've been branching out to anything posted thanks to the preview button.
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  1. So I just recently discovered this game, and MAN am I loving it. I have been playing through OCR albums in one sitting that I have passed by due to lack of interest and it has been making the listening experience all levels of awesome. Their is a 4-song free demo available if you want to check it out. Use your music or the game provided ones. I know their is a Audio Surf 2 currently in early access, but I already have one other Steam game in early access, Starbound, and I don't want anymore. (Side Notes, Still Elex Synn on the score boards and Steam in general )
  2. Same boat as you. As of a couple days ago, I lost interest in X/Y. Once I hit a score of 6073 in Battle Institute Doubles and wiped out the doubles team in battle mansion, I got bored. Moved on to Rage of the Gladiator.
  3. I back this statement, personally. I have had experiences in 4 separate Gamestops here in SE Michigan and I can not think of a single time I left a store upset. They always ask me if I want them to call their neighboring stores if they don't have a game I am searching for (Recent memory, Final Fantasy Thearerhythm), and always greet me when I walk in, even if they have large lines.
  4. Didn't know that! Have been eyeballing this game for a short amount of time now. Thanks for the heads up. Well, after I get River City Ransom from the e-shop. About daym time.
  5. I didn't realize he did cartoon voices. Will be missed. Fresh Prince was one of my childhood shows.
  6. I have added everyone who posted a friend code between page 56 and this post. Happy hunting! Soul Splint, in case you didn't get my PM, you have a ghost safari. EDIT: Pumpkaboo and Shuppet are two of yours. Once you're online and beat the game, we can hunt your rare one.
  7. From what my coworker told me, I have a water-type safari. I would love to find someone with an ice-type that has Snorunt. If your friend list isn't full already, send me a message if you add me. 5129 0693 3734
  8. I'm just happy for the virtual console. Picked up Mega Man 5 today. Friend Code: 5129-0693-3734
  9. Congrats, mate! Though the little babes will come when they're good and ready. I have two little walking hurricanes myself. 8-year old and 2-year old girls. The 2-year old punches... Hard...
  10. Me and my wife were dating for 9 years with 2 daughters created along the way. Got married last October. Funny thing is I was much more nervous about the wedding then becoming a father.
  11. Supposedly Nintendo got sued for patent infringement over the 3DS screen technology? What, if anything, does this mean for the 3DS? http://finance.yahoo.com/news/u-jury-finds-nintendo-liable-214709522.html
  12. Looks like Mega Man 3 hits the eShop on March 14th, if I read that correctly.
  13. Took survey. A chance for another Rival School game would make my day. I miss Momo...
  14. Funny coincidence. Was me and my wifey's first married date, too. Hitched October 20th. I was very happy with it. I am more then certain that my nostalgia glasses caused me to enjoy it about 100 times more.
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