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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm probably going to end up doing a live recording, as I have a pretty low-end music composer. That will take care of the "humanizing" and the accents to keep with the waltz style, also helping with the dynamic variation. I'll also add some more original material/new harmonies. I'll try to get the "updated" version by next Sunday-ish minus the humanizing part (as I'll need to find a place to record) but I'll try to add in some original bits. Again, thanks for all the feedback. More would be appreciated, especially if it hasn't been said here yet, but not necessary.
  2. I have made a piano waltz remix of the song "On To Grasstown" from the freeware game Cave Story. I have enjoyed OCR for the past year or so and have finally gotten around to making a remix for it. Any thoughts, suggestions, or other comments would be appreciated. I am in need of a title, so any ideas on that would also be welcomed. Link is below Click here to listen to On To Grasstown Remix.mp3
  3. i understand you guys aren't trying to beat them, just, this being a top-notch community, i'm saying it will turn out really stinkin' awesome
  4. ah. i'm sure it will turn out as good as nbng, if not better!
  5. just out of curiosity, was this project based/inspired by the bad dudes' "No Balls No Glory"?